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FISITA Congress 2021 programme introduction

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

FISITA World Congress will be held 14-16 September 2021 online. If you haven't already registered to join the discussions, and view the keynotes and over 160 technical papers, register now! The schedule of technical sessions, keynotes and chats is ready and the formal event programme will be released soon.

There will be opportunities for questions and discussions at various times during each day, in chat during some sessions, during roundtables, and there are chat rooms open in the breaks between sessions, at lunch time, and at the end of each day. Sponsor and exhibitor activities are focused in a dedicated slot following lunch.

This Spotlight gives a run-down of the session titles and speakers, and provides links to Spotlight posts from the contributors where available. More Spotlights will be shared over the next ten days and this article will be updated as links are finalised. Use the below links to skip to the sections of this Spotlight that most interest you:

Tuesday 14 September 2021 (times shown after title are approximate start times in CEST)

Wednesday 15 September 2021 (times shown after title are approximate start times in CEST)

  • Outlook for Electrified Vehicles and for the Role of Simulation in their Development 13:50 Iakovos Papadimitriou (click to view bio), Vice President of Technology at Gamma Technologies LLC

  • From crude data to valuable decisions – game changers for future mobility 14:05 Jost Bernasch (click to view bio), CEO, Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH

  • New Mobility Concepts based on the Connectivity and Digitalisation of our Future Vehicles 14:20 Simon Edwards (click to view bio), Global Director of Technology, Ricardo GmbH

  • Panel discussion with all speakers 14:35 Opportunity for attendees to ask questions in chat

Thursday 16 September 2021 (times shown after title are approximate start times in CEST)

  • ŠKODA’s tradition and its development outside of the European Union from the perspective of powertrain 11:00 Martin Hrdlička (click to view bio), Head of Chassis & Powertrain Development

  • European research collaboration to fulfil the future safety and environmental objectives for mobility 11:15 Christof Schernus (click to view bio), European Automotive Research Partners Association (EARPA), President; Vice President R&I, FEV Europe GmbH

Patrick Fruth, TÜV SÜD

Technical Sessions

The below list is divided by Congress Topic and then ordered by day and time. Up to two authors are shown, the primary author and the presenting author. All times in CEST. The presenting author is asterisked*.

Digital Transformation

Wed 15 Sep 09:00

  • Applied data science for stability assessment of test systems, Chiara Gei*, AVL List

  • Future Micromobility Concepts – Low-Speed Autonomous Mobility Platform, Wing Ting Law, Hong Kong Productivity Council; Law Wing Ting*, Hong Kong Productivity Council

  • Semi-automatic Design Assistance System for Vehicle Future Powertrains, Jindrich Horenin*, Czech Technical University in Prague

  • Uniqway - students' carsharing project transforms mobility, Marko Šidlovský*, Czech Technical University in Prague


  • Digital Perspective – On-road Measurements of the Effect of Blind Spot Reduction on the Visual Behaviour and Opinions of Drivers Using the Optimal Digital Wing Mirror Camera Location, Floris van Oosten*, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)

  • A Two-stage Ground Segmentation and Multi-frame Point Clouds Based Road Boundary Extraction Algorithm, Congcong Li*, Tongji University

  • A Practical Guide to Fuzz Testing Embedded Software in a CI Pipeline, Dennis Kengo Oka*, Synopsys

  • Model based component co-optimization and scalability of virtual testing for electric drivetrain vehicle, Marina Roche Arroyos*, Applus IDIADA

Thu 16 Sep 09:50

  • Computational Design Optimization of All-Solid-State Lithium Ion Battery Electrode by Multi-Scale Simulation Based on Finite Element Method Combined with Density Functional Theory, Makoto Saito*, Toyota Motor Corporation read Spotlight here

Advanced Vehicle Driveline and Energy Management

Tue 14 Sep 09:00

  • Personalized Intelligent Gearshift Schedule Optimization for Electric Vehicles with AMT Considering Multi-performance and Drivetrain Efficiency, Xiaofeng Yin*, Xihua University

  • CO2 reduction for long haul trucks by predictive control, Alois Danninger, AVL; Dr. Alois Danninger*, AVL List GmbH read Spotlight here

  • System Design and Control Strategy of Fuel Cell/Lithium-ion Battery Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Tiande MO*, Hong Kong Productivity Council

  • Proposals of Evaluation Method and Control Selection Policy for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Based on the Distance Traveled Dependence of Carbon-Reducing Effect, Shuai Pei*, Waseda Univ. read Spotlight here


  • Detailed Analysis of Regenerative Energy when the Electric Bus Driving on Expressways, Yiyuan Fang*, Waseda Univ. read Spotlight here

  • A laboratory test methodology development for validating 4 Wheel Drive front axle spindle of a tractor, Abhirup Chakraborty*, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

  • Predictive Control utilizing Electronic Horizon for Hybrid & Range Extender Powertrains, Arno Huss*, AVL List GmbH

  • Various mixture control strategies for a light duty gas engine with scavenged pre-chamber, Zbynek Syrovatka, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Ing. Zbyněk Syrovátka, Ph.D.*, CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


  • Development and validation of powertrain controls for a compact non plug-in hybrid platform for single cylinder engines-DVI., Ashwin Kaundinya, Automotive Research Association of India; Ashwin Subramanian K*, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)

  • Simulation of Gasoline Engine Equipped with Cylinder Cycle-by-Cycle Deactivation Technology under Driving Conditions, Momir Sjerić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture; Josip Krajnović*, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

  • FEV Diesel EMotion – Serial Hybrid Solution for heavy Light-Duty Vehicle Applications, Thomas Koerfer*, FEV Group GmbH

  • Planning the Velocity of a Parallel Hybrid Electric in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Autonomous Driving: an Optimization-Based Approach, Pier Giuseppe Anselma*, Politecnico di Torino read Spotlight here


  • Development of Advanced Engine Brake for Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Ondrej Bolehovsky, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague; *,

  • Probabilistic design optimization of battery pack in considering the effect of external pressure with uncertainty, Yong-Hwan Choi*, Hyundai Motor Company read Spotlight here

  • Modular Hybrid Powertrain Concept, Michael Bassett*, Mahle Powertrain Limited read Spotlight here

  • Design and optimization of brake disc using Multi-Objective genetic algorithm, Swapnil Kumar*, Additive Manufacturing Institute of Science and Technology, University of Louisville

Wed 15 Sep 09:00

  • Additional Cooling of Engine Exhaust Gas, Jan Hradiský*, ŠKODA AUTO a. s. read Spotlight here

  • Battery Cooling Structural Analysis Using Experimental Modal Method, Katsuya Minami*, Honda R&D Japan read Spotlight here

  • Hardware in Loop Simulation based approach for Development and Validation of Battery Management System, Ravindra Shah*, The Automotive Research Association of India

  • The necessity of conditioning 18650 cells using the example of the mobile battery test stand eZTR, Robert Kretschmann, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg; Stefan Lüdecke*, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg


  • Battery cooling structure development for BEV, Noriyasu Hakuta, Honda R&D Co.,ltd. Automobile Center Tochigi; Hakuta Noriyasu*, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Automobile Operations , Monozukuri Center

  • Optimization of induction machine generator regime in electro mobile, Pavel Mindl*, Czech Technical University in Prague FEE

  • Progress in Performance Modelling of ICE Turbomachinery – Application of Predictive CFD Models, Oldrich Vitek*, Czech Technical University in Prague read Spotlight here

  • Hybrid Twin for Electric Vehicle Cabin, Anne Chambard, ESI Group; Chambard*, ESI Group - Innovation and Technologies Department read Spotlight here


  • Energy Management System Optimization Based on V2X Connectivity, Federico Millo*, Politecnico di Torino

  • Study on Novel High Efficiency Dog Clutch for Stepped Automatic Transmissions, Isamu Shiotsu*, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. read Spotlight here

  • CFD Analysis of natural gas SI ICE Equipped with Scavenged Pre-Chamber, Oldrich Vitek*, Czech Technical University in Prague read Spotlight here

  • Analysis of optimal energy management strategies for the hybrid electric Formula 1 car under consideration of the finite battery size, Pol Duhr, ETH Zürich; Maximilian Schaller*, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zürich read Spotlight here


  • Evaluation Study of a Multi-Mode HEV with a Dedicated Hybrid Transmission, Rastislav Toman, Czech Technical University in Prague; *,

  • Development of Multiple Predictive Gear Shifting System of Automatic Transmission Connected with Electronic Horizon, Byeong Wook Jeon, Hyundai Motor Company; Byeong-wook Jeon*, Hyundai Motor Company

  • Virtual Modelling of Real- Driving Conditions for Early Evaluation and Validation of Vehicles Design, Marina Roche Arroyos*, Applus IDIADA

  • Comparative analysis of transmission housings to evaluate NVH whine performance using simulation, Kalyan Deepak Kolla*, Mahindra & Mahindra


  • AEROFLEX – AEROdynamic and FLEXible Trucks, Assessment methodology for improving transport efficiency for real logistic use-cases, Emiel van Eijk*, TNO

  • Design of a modularized fuel cell system for multiple use in different applications, Konstantin Nowoseltschenko*, IPEK - Institut für Produktentwicklung read Spotlight here

  • Advanced thermal management optimization of a liquid cooled compact electrical engine with air gap winding, Henrik-Christian Graichen*, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg

Thu 16 Sep 09:00

  • Development of Hybrid real-time capable Vehicle Simulation Platform for Energy Management Strategy Development and Virtual Validation, Pedro Manuel Maroto, IDIADA; Pedro Maroto Estrada*, Applus+ IDIADA

  • Thermal characterization of high-performance battery cells during charging and discharging using optical temperature measurement methods, Joel Lopez Bonilla*, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

  • Electric Quadricycle Concept for Urban Mobility, Vlad-Nicolae Turcescu, University of Pitesti; Olaru Danut Gabriel*, University of Pitesti, Automotive Engineering Research Center

  • Simulation platform for modelling and calibration of hybrid vehicles energy management from experimental input, Pablo Cano, Applus IDIADA; Marina Roche Arroyos*, Applus IDIADA


  • Battery Hybrid Twin in Electrical Vehicle Monitoring and Planning, Abel Sancarlos*, ESI Group/ENSAM/UZ

  • Validation of a Data-Based Thermal Model of a Gearbox, Erwin Brosch, Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart; Dipl. - Ing. Erwin Brosch*, Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart – FKFS

Emissions and Pollutants Caused by Vehicles

Tue 14 Sep 09:00

  • Managing Risk to Reputation and Emissions Compliance through Independent Testing, James Hobday, Emissions Analytics; Nick Molden*, Emissions Analytics

  • A Development of SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) model and its applications, Sung Mu Choi, Hyundai Motor Company; Sungmu Choi*, Hyundai Motor Company

  • A Study on development of plastic intake manifold for preventing icing in positive crankcase ventilation system, Minki Kim*, Hyundai Kefico

  • Comparison of CFD methods with air drag test values for commercial vehicles, Albert Gascón-Vallbona*, Applus+ IDIADA


  • Development of Mission Profile Based Simulation Methodology for Fuel Consumption Prediction and Validation for Light, Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Sumant Gijare*, The Automotive Research Association of India

  • Exhaust Particulate Emissions in the EU Automotive Context – an Overview, Joseph Woodburn*, BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Institute Ltd

  • Assessment of electric and diesel urban bus tire wear in fleet operation, Rik Baert*, Fontys University of Applied Science

Thu 16 Sep 09:00

  • Bodies and trailers effect on CO2 emissions – a regulatory proposal for Europe, Xavier Font*, IDIADA Automotive Technology, S.A.

  • Evaluation of a Serial-parallel Hybrid Powertrain Concept for a Heavy Duty Truck, Theodoros Kossioris, VKA / RWTH; Theodoros Kossioris, M. Sc.*, Institute for Combustion Engines (vka), RWTH Aachen University

  • Impact of control types of a chassis dynamometer on the reproduction of real world driving scenarios, Sven Cortès*, University of Applied Sciences Ulm

  • State of the art of the regulatory framework and analysis of the technologies developed within the AEROFLEX project, Oriol Flix*, IDIADA Automotive Technology, S.A.


  • The Extension of Opportunities of Dual Fuel Diesel-Hydrogen Engine by Usage of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, Ivan Bortel*, Czech Technical University in Prague read Spotlight here

  • Modelling of Gasoline Engine-Out Emissions Using Artificial Neural Networks, Frank Dorscheidt*, VKA RWTH Aachen

  • Study of Effects of Fuels and After-Treatment Systems on Formation Process of Particles from Diesel Engines, Kazutoshi Mori*, Teikyo University read Spotlight here

  • Range Capability as a Significant Variable in Light Duty EVs Life Cycle CO2, Harry Watson, University of Melbourne; Prof. Harry Watson*, University of Melbourne

Conventional and Alternative Fuels and Lubricants

Wed 15 Sep 15:30

  • The advanced approach to the dual-fuel engine combustion process simulation using detailed chemistry coupled with CFD, Andrey Kozlov, FSUE NAMI; Vadim Grinev*, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Institute (FSUE “NAMI”) read Spotlight here

  • Sustainable road mobility with methane gas. Preliminary results of a monovalent spark ignition engine fueled with methane, Adrian Clenci, University of Pitesti; Robert POPA*, University of Pitesti, Department of Automobiles and Transport, Romania

  • Performance & Fuel Efficiency Development of the New In-Line 6 Cylinders 3L Diesel Engine System for the Genesis 1st SUV, Jinseok Chang, Hyundai Motor Group; Mr. Jinseok Chang*, Hyundai Motor Group read Spotlight here

  • On the integration of a K-k turbulence approach to improve CFM1D combustion modelling in modern Spark Ignition engines, Guillaume Alix*, Ifpen read Spotlight here


  • Use of Hydrogen in a Combustion Engine with an Advanced Combustion, Jiri Vavra*, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mobility Comfort

Wed 15 Sep 09:00

  • One Way Coupled FSI Analysis to Design the Restricted Intake Manifold for a Single Cylinder SI Engine, Nafees Ahmad*, Aligarh Muslim University read Spotlight here

  • Numerical and physical experiments on the passby noise of the iShare, Charalampos Tsimis*, Applus IDIADA

  • Development of Early-stage Performance Verification Method for Low-frequency Noise in Electric-powered Vehicle Batteries, Naoki Toyama*, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Automobile Operations , Monozukuri Center read Spotlight here

  • The establishment of development guideline for audio silicon button operation sensitivity, Yonggon Moon*, Hyundai Mobis trim test development team


  • Advanced numerical methodology for tyre noise prediction, Bharath Anantharamaiah*, Applus IDIADA read Spotlight here

  • Acoustic target qualification on test bench with 3D array technology: application to turbocharger sound power emission, Lucille Pinel Lamotte*, MicrodB read Spotlight here

  • Coupling Analysis of Control Parameters and Mechanical Parameters in Torsional Vibration of Electro-mechanical Transmission, Wei Zhang*, Beijing Institute of Technology


  • Acoustic analysis of an electric engine complementing to a coupled rotor- and electrodynamic simulation of an electric drive train, Fabian Duvigneau*, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg read Spotlight here

  • Modal analysis of Structural Vibration for Electric-drive Motor built in Transmission, Toshihiro Saito*, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile Center read Spotlight here

  • Development converting position seat for reduction fatigue of passenger, Juyeol Kong*, Hyundai Motors

  • USER-CHI: Enhancing electromobility by improving user experience of EV drivers, Jose Solaz*, Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, Universitat Politècnica de València, València, Spain read Spotlight here


  • Concept Level Cross Car Beam NVH Simulations, Mihir Bhalerao*, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

  • A New Quantitative Criterion for Vibration Comfort Assessment of Vehicles, Milad Abbasi*, School of Automotive Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

  • Weight Reduction and Performance improvement in NVH insulators using alternative material, Arvind Kochi Sabesan, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.; Arvind Kochi*, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

  • Simulation of Turbocharger Wastegate Dynamics under Transient Conditions, Isaac Du, GM; Lalaram Patel*, Tata Consultancy Services


  • Prognosticating and Optimizing Vibroacoustic Parameters for Future Transmissions at Early Stages of Development, Igor Taratorkin, IES UB RAS; Alexander Taratorkin*, Institute of Engineering Science UB RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russia

  • 1D Simulation on Exhaust Noise of Motorcycle using OpenWAM, Akira Takemoto*, Osaka Sangyo University

International Society For Terrain-Vehicle Systems Session

Tue 14 Sep 14:40

  • Tire Slippage and Terrain Mobility Assessment for Virtual Driveline Control Design of Electric Vehicles, Masood Ghasemi, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Traction Equations and Databases Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles, George L. Mason, Mississippi State University


  • Challenges of Future Terrain-Vehicles round table moderated by Lutz Richter, ISTVS

Automated and Connected Mobility

Tue 14 Sep 09:00

  • AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform – The standardized software framework for safe highly automated vehicles, Günther Reichart, AUTOSAR; Rinat Asmus*, BMW Group

  • Study on the automated control of a motor vehicle in a test cycle on the chassis dynamometer, Alexandru Vilsan, University Politehnica of Bucharest; Alexandru Vîlsan*, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

  • Analysis of Existing Approaches for Information Sharingin Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems – SENSORIS and V2X Messaging, Andreas Festag, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt; Rui Song*, Fraunhofer IVI - Applied Research Center for Connected Mobility and Infrastructure VMI

  • Framework for Virtual and Physical Testing of Automated Vehicle Systems, Jiří Svoboda*, TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o


  • Perception, Planning and Control System for Automated slalom with Porsche Panamera, Jiří Záhora, Czech Technical University, CIIRC; Zdeňek Hanzálek*, Czech technical university CIIRC

  • Deploying Pan-European cellular-based C-ITS services in Barcelona, Jacint Castells, Applus+ IDIADA; Jacint Castells Fontelles*, Applus+ IDIADA

  • Guide Timing Control for In-vehicle Speech Interface using Driving Signal, Guillaume Lopez*, Aoyama Gakuin University

  • Wide Angle Cameras as low cost solution in Urban localization problems, Hadj Hamma Tadjine*, IAV GmbH


  • Comparison of Control Approaches for Autonomous Race Car Model, Jaroslav Klapálek*, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague read Spotlight here

  • Rideshare Operations Management for Heterogeneous Vehicles to Minimize Whole CO2 Emissions, Yutaro Itoh*, Denso Corporation read Spotlight here

  • Concept of Mission Control System for IN2Lab testing field for Automated Driving, Martin Slavík*, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

  • Enhancing the acceptance of future automated vehicles through understanding the emotional state of passengers, Nicolás Palomares, Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, Universitat Politècnica de València, València, Spain; Jose Solaz*, Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) read Spotlight here


  • Study on an HMI system to induce appropriate and effective use of BSM at lane changing, Kenta Morooka*, Shibaura Institute of Technology

  • A Study On Network Architecture For The Future Intelligent And Connected Vehicles(ICVS), Zihao Fang*, Tongji University read Spotlight here

  • Autonomous Driving Decision-making Based on the Combination of Deep Reinforcement Learning and Rule-based Controller, Jinzhu Wang*, Tongji University read Spotlight here

  • Create a Virtual Learning Environment to Test and Validate the behaviour of Autonomous Vehicles, Komal Gulati*, University of Leeds


  • IT-SVO: Improved Semi-direct Monocular Visual Odometry Combined with JS Divergence in Restricted Mobile Devices, Chang Liu*, GuiZhou University China

  • Concept of a Vehicle Platform for Development and Testing of Low-Speed Automated Driving Functions, Thiago de Borba*, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

  • Sensor Data Preprocessing in Road-Side Sensor Units, Numan Senel*, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Thu 16 Sep 09:00

  • Safeguarding Future Autonomous Traffic by Infrastructure based on Multi Radar Sensor Systems, Egor Streck*, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

  • Objective Impact Evaluation of Predictive Eco-Driving Optimization Algorithm in Traffic Simulation Environment, Marina Roche Arroyos*, Applus IDIADA

  • Shared autonomous cargo bike fleets – approaches for a novel sustainable urban mobility solution, Stephan Schmidt*, IMS - Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

  • Combined approach of interior concept development for automated driving cars, Mario Hirz*, Graz University of Technology read Spotlight here

Vehicle Dynamics and Controls

Wed 15 Sep 09:00

  • Intelligent Vehicle Path Tracking Control Based on Sliding Mode Predictive Control, Yan Wu, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Wu Yan*, Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China read Spotlight here

  • Coordination of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Chassis Systems, Moad KISSAI*, ENSTA Paris

  • The Integral Bushing Rear Suspension Architecture of the New Lincoln Corsair - Prototype Build and Testing, Friedrich Wolf-Monheim*, Ford Research & Innovation Center Aachen

  • A Turbocharging Process Model with EGR for Passenger Car Engine Control and Performance Evaluation, Kazuhide Togai*, Osaka Sangyo University


  • Behavior of Closed Loop Control System Consisting of a Powertrain and a Human Controller in HMI Point of View, Kazuhide Togai*, Osaka Sangyo University

  • Parameter Identification of mathematical-empirical Tire Models using Measurement Data of a Wheel Force Transducer, Martin Schünemann*, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

  • Multiple coupling vibration analysis and suppression in single stage planetary transmission system, Pengfei Yan*, Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Holistic Motion Control for Personalized and Efficient Vehicle Dynamics, Thomas Raste*, Continental AG


  • Analysis of Rollover Stability in Consideration of Dynamic Oversteer Tendency, Fan Chang*, AUDI AG / Technische Universität Dresden read Spotlight here

  • Optimization based design of an UKF vehicle state estimator, Hannes Heidfeld*, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg read Spotlight here

  • Environment-on-Board Predictive Braking Control Functions for Autonomous Driving During Sudden Changes in the Road Friction Coefficient on Sharp Curves, Toshinori Kojima*, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology read Spotlight here

  • Influence of Objective Tire Characteristics on Vehicle Dynamics of Battery Electric SUVs with Focus on Low Rolling Resistance Tires, Florian Birnbaum*, Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Automotive Engineering Dresden, Chair of Automotive Engineering read Spotlight here


  • Role of Shock Absorber Models in Ride Comfort Simulation, Matthias Becker*, MdynamiX AG

  • Reverse and Same Phase Hydraulic 4WS System for Solar Vehicle, Yuta Hayakawa, Kogakuin University; Naoharu Matsuda*, Kogakuin University

  • Modelling and Real Vehicle Verification of Drivability Evaluation based on Longitudinal and Lateral Movement Characteristics, Wei Zhou*, Wuhan University of technology

  • Study on Driver-In-the-Loop Test of a ESC Strategy, Xiaofei Pei*, Wuhan University of Technology


  • Suspension damping force control algorithms using vehicle states with driver and road inputs, Shingo Koumura*, Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Eliminationof parametric resonance oscillations in the high-speed tracked vehicle propulsion system, Alexey Taratorkin*, BMSTU

  • Design and Performance Simulation of Racing Car Suspension System Based on the Third Spring Structure, Jiahui Chen, Chongqing University of Technology; JiahuiChen*, Chongqing University of Technology

Passive and Integral Safety

Tue 14 Sep 15:40

  • Real-world Evaluation of In-Vehicle Nudging to Direct Driver Attention, Olaf Op den Camp*, TNO Integrated Vehicle Safety

  • Traffic situation analysis between Vehicle and Motorcycle safety at Malaysia, Hisashi Imanaga*, Japan Automobile Research Institute

  • Development and Application of Pedestrian Lower Limb Model, Renjie Cheng*, South China University of Technology

  • AEROFLEX PROJECT: Pedestrian protection for 16+ Ton Trucks, Mario Perez Donaire, APPLUS IDIADA; Mario Perez*, Applus IDIADA


  • Advanced Methods in Crash Safety Testing, Jakub Jelinek, TUV SUD Czech; Petr Zaruba*, TÜV SÜD Czech

  • Comparison Of The Virthuman Model And Hybrid Iii Dummy At Low-Speed Frontal Impact, Jan Spicka*, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

  • Advanced e-call as retrofit for new means of future mobility, Sebastian Fuchs*, Trier University of Applied Sciences

  • Child Presence Detection: Sensing technology solutions to detect unattended children in passenger cars (VitaSense) and school busses (LiDAS), Thierry Mousel*, IEE S.A.

Thu 16 Sep 09:00

  • Selection of characteristic test scenarios based on objective criteria for the performance evaluation of vehicle safety functions, Peter Riegl*, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt read Spotlight here

  • Interface and Optimizations for Crash Severity Estimation and Inevitability Modelling in Pre-Crash Safety Systems, Robert Lugner, CARISSMA Institute of Safety in Future Mobility C-ISAFE, TH Ingolstadt; Robert Krause*, CARISSMA Institute of Safety in Future Mobility, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt read Spotlight here

  • Assessment of the Influence of Human Body Diversity on Passive Safety Systems: A State-of-the-art Overview, Franz Plaschkies*, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt / CARISSMA

  • Quantification methodology for crash behavior comparison between virtual crash simulations and real-time crash tests, Shahabaz Afraj*, Tehnische Hochschule Ingolstadt read Spotlight here


  • Visualisation of body deformation during collision using X-rays, Azusa Nakata*, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

  • Pedestrian head injury prediction based on vehicle section image using machine learning., Shinsun Lee*, Hyundai Motor Group read Spotlight here

  • Head and Neck Loading Trends in IIHS Side Impact Testing, Jessica Isaacs*, Exponent read Spotlight here

  • Improvement of the AEB activation algorithm based on the pedestrian reaction, Francisco Javier Páez, Insia-Upm; Ángel Losada Arias*, University Institute for Automobile Research (INSIA-Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) read Spotlight here

Vehicle Electronics and Software

Tue 14 Sep 15:40

  • BRidge4Net: a Multiple Test Device for BroadR-Reach Protocol, João Queirós*, Controlar - Innovating Industry

  • Image-Based Design Process for System Porting and Generation Management, Masatoshi Arai*, Marelli Corporation/Saitama University read Spotlight here

  • Bus-independent Instruction Set Architecture for Handling Long Protocol Data Units in AUTOSAR-based Automotive ECUs, Ahmed Mohamed Moro Ahmed Hamed*, Mentor, A Siemens Business

  • Technique of Interoperability Quality Management for Automotive Ethernet, Takashi Yasuda*, Toyota Motor Corporation


  • AUTOSAR-Compliant Methodology for Calibrating ECUs using Universal Calibration and Measurement Protocol, Islam Gamal*, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Integrated Electrical System Embedded Segment

  • MATLAB+PLECS Co-Simulation Framework for Efficient Topology and Control structure Selection of On-Board charger., Sreeraj Arole*, Tata Elxsi

Manufacturing, Materials and Lightweight Solutions

Tue 14 Sep 09:00

  • Aluminium Brake Discs: Casting quality assurance by Simulation Prediction, Samuel Awe*, Automotive Components Floby

  • Innovative Light weight Composite structure for automotive soft top canopy enclosure, Harsha Pattanashetti*, Mahindra and Mahindra Automotive

  • On selection of a technological course of the agricultural tractors development, Alexandr Lavrov, Federal Scientific Agriculture Center VIM; Aleksandr Lavrov*, Federal Scientific Agroengeneering Center VIM

  • Use Energy Transition to Advance from Car to Auto-Mobile, Ralph Panhuyzen*, SEV Platform

  • Integrated Optimization Techniques for the Design of Casting Components., Theja Bollu*, Mahindra and Mahindra

  • Development of Lightweight Thin-Walled Aluminum Bumper Reinforcement Adhered with Unidirectional CFRP Sheet, Masaya Miura*, Toyota Motor Corporation read Spotlight here


  • Development of under-cut aluminum parts cost reduction technology by applying the high strength salt core, Jiyong Lee*, Hyundai Motor Group read Spotlight here

  • Prediction of Ductile Fracture Propagation of Ultra High Strength Steels, Kentaro Sato*, JFE Steel Corporation

  • Multiaxial block programs: Highly efficient durability tests for elastomeric bearings, Thomas Thüringer*, TU Dresden

  • Effective Use of Composite Materials in Gearbox Design for an Electric Vehicle, Lukas Kazda, Czech Technical University in Prague; Lukáš Kazda*, Czech Technical University in Prague

Thu 16 Sep 09:50

  • Bimetal Mixture Forging Process and Its Influence on Intermetallic Phase Seam Properties for An Automotive Component, Ajeet Babu Parasumanna, The Automotive Research Association of India; Dr. Ajeet Babu*, The Automotive Research Association of India

  • Light weight and high strength load floor with Paper honey comb technology, phani kumar kakani, Mahindra And Mahindra Ltd; kakani phani kumar*, Mahindra and Mahindra

  • A comparative study on mechanical properties of PLA, PETG and Carbon fibre prepared by Fused Deposition Modeling., Farhan Ahamed Hameed*, B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute Of Science And Technology

  • Implementing Analysis of Hydrogen storage tank for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle to provide a Robust Design, Rahul Bhalerao*, National Institute Of Technology, Raipur

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