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The FISITA Industry Committee consisting of senior representatives of Corporate Members including Toyota, Renault and DENSO have identified key New Technology areas in which knowledge sharing and discussion can help identify and potentially accelerate the adoption of new solutions by the mainstream automotive industry. Companies joining the discussions can influence the scope and target outputs for the groups. The Corporate Members are particularly interested in hearing from start-up and new companies with leading-edge solutions that could benefit the market over the next ten years.

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FISITA New Technology membership was created to provide newly established companies focusing on emerging technology areas a readily accessible way to promote their technology to, and engage in technical discussions with, the FISITA Corporate Members. New Technology members pay £2,500 a year to join FISITA, while larger, established companies gain direct access to all of FISITA’s activities as Corporate members by paying £8,750 each year.  

The New Technology areas identified by the FISITA Corporate Members focus on Battery, Autonomous Hardware & Software, Insurance, Energy Infrastructure, Model-based Development, Connectivity & 5G, Mapping, Integration with Cities, Road Infrastructure, Security & Risk, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Braking & Friction technologies. 

Each area has a dedicated New Technology Cluster that determines its own scope, meeting cadence and target deliverables. As the clusters develop, existing FISITA members and potential New Technology Cluster members are invited to create seed presentation videos to share their requirements, position, technology and solutions with the FISITA members and engineering community. The embedded video below is an example video from the Battery New Technology Cluster.

Please visit the New Technology Cluster page to find out more about the individual clusters and their potential output. If you have any queries about FISITA membership, please contact:

Kelly Williams
Director of Member Services
Phone: +44 (0) 1279 883 470

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