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The FISITA UK Ltd organisation has staff working on Membership, Events, Technical Content and necessary supporting functions.


The FISITA Foundation is an independent UK-registered charity established to support future generations of engineers.

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Since FISITA was originally discussed in 1948, the FISITA organisation has developed, but it has continued to be a member-driven organisation. The FISITA Mission is defined by the FISITA Council and Executive Board, which are both chaired by the FISITA president. The Council is made up of representatives from all of the Society Members, while the Executive Board is formed by VPs from committees established to oversee and help progress key areas such as Industry, Technical, Society, Education, Finance, Strategy, and the three FISITA regions: the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The Executive Board is then responsible for operational delivery with the UK Ltd Board providing Corporate and Financial compliance.

Engineers create solutions, FISITA supports them to do so. Regardless.
Working Groups
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