We facilitate engagement, focused on the needs of our members, with pre-competitive collaboration and knowledge-share, delivering key technical insights and strong outputs for the benefit of all.

Joining FISITA will give you access to:

  • International Network - FISITA facilitates the connection between technologists, innovators and strategists engaged in the fast evolving ‘technology of mobility’ arena

  • International Collaboration & Knowledge Exchange - FISITA provides platforms that facilitate dialogue delivering knowledge generation, share and thought leadership

  • Library of Technical Content & Latest Technology Trends – over 9,900 technical papers and output papers available with preferential access to Members.  Topics are identified and developed around the key challenges facing the industry and the latest thinking in potential solutions, as advised by the members

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Leaders from many of the most influential companies around the world who drive the global mobility industry are represented as FISITA Corporate Members

FISITA is an international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering community, with a shared objective; the creation of safe, sustainable and affordable mobility for the world’s population.


Membership is made up of the most influential companies from around the world including OEMs, Tier 1s, semiconductor companies, energy providers, material and chemical suppliers, software companies, insurance providers and road infrastructure companies.


Automotive Engineering Societies also make up the membership as well as educational institutions and industry associations participating as Partners.