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Join FISITA and collaborate on key technology challenges facing the auto-mobility industry

FISITA is an international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering community. We promote excellence in mobility engineering, and support our members to develop safe, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions. We do this by supporting them to achieve their goals and push the boundaries of technology while maintaining high ethical standards, delivering continuous improvement, and enabling progress that will benefit society.

As we grow our membership, we are calling for new members to join our global international connected community of OEMs, Tier 1s, and other key technology suppliers to the auto-mobility industry.

Watch the video below to hear about the benefits of joining FISITA from FISITA President, Nadine Leclair.

FISITA members benefit from showcase opportunities, knowledge gain and share, by contributing their expertise and collaborating on key technology challenges, with a view to developing common solutions from which they can all benefit, without the need to discuss areas of competitive differentiation.

We welcome direct enquiries for new members who are working in the following (but not limited to) key areas, as determined by the FISITA community:

Active areas Upcoming areas

- Autonomous Hardware/Software - Commercial Vehicle Technology

- Carbon Neutral Mobility - Connected Infrastructure

- Digitalisation Technology - Hydrogen Technology

- EV Battery Technology - Software Defined Vehicles

- Intelligent Safety - Brake & Friction Technology

- Semiconductor Technology

Does your company operate in one or more of these areas?

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and welcoming you into the FISITA international connected community.

Please follow this link to our introduction to FISITA brochure for a general overview of FISITA which can be used for onward sharing.

Please contact Kelly Williams with your enquiries.


Member Endorsements

It’s becoming increasingly important for the automotive industry to incorporate knowledge from other industries, and automotive engineers can take advantage of the global FISITA network to develop their skills. I would encourage all involved in the automotive industry to join FISITA.”

Hiroaki Okuchi, President of Advanced R&D & Engineering Company at Toyota Motor Corporation

Mobility is being defined by drastic technological, societal, and geopolitical change. This high level of uncertainty requires better knowledge exchange and deeper industrial partnerships and cross-sector collaboration. This will be a very exciting time for any engineers who aim to build a better world for future next generations.

I urge anyone considering FISITA membership to contact me or my FISITA colleague Kelly Williams to find out how the organisation can help their company secure its place at the heart of future mobility.”

Remi Bastien, Vice President for Automotive Prospective, Renault Groupe

“FISITA is a great platform for fostering cross-industry collaboration opportunities. FISITA membership would be a real benefit to automotive and mobility engineers in India, and the FISITA mission and vision values would benefit from the active contribution of Indian engineers. Anyone interested in FISITA membership can contact me or my FISITA colleague Kelly Williams to find out more.”

Chandan Sawhney, Head of Advanced Engineering, Tata Motors

“FISITA can be a key contributor in overcoming key challenges in the industry. Working on common industry issues in the FISITA community can have a major impact on the speed of delivery to market.

If you have a technology or product that you can offer the mobility industry, FISITA membership gives you a great opportunity to introduce your company and products to the vast FISITA network. To find out how FISITA membership can help you, contact me or my FISITA colleague, Kelly Williams for more information.”

Pat Bassett, Senior Vice President of DENSO North American Engineering

“This decade is mobility’s inflection point. As we try to bring multiple technologies into mobility with the aim of providing seamless transportation to the world, melting electrification, autonomous driving, blockchain technology, and many others all into one platform, we need the expertise of the academic, corporate, and start-up world to bring this to reality. FISITA provides the bridge allowing multiple members to work in technology clusters that impact all of these things.”

Amit Mehta, Head of Innovation at North American Lighting Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of The Koito Group



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