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Congress: Cost reduction of under-cut aluminum parts by applying high strength salt core

Event: FISITA World Congress 14-16 September 2021 online

Name: Jiyong (David) Lee - 이지용, Senior Research Engineer, Light Metal Materials Development Team

Company: Hyundai Motor Company

Presentation Title: F2020-MML-003 Development of under-cut aluminum parts cost reduction technology by applying the high strength salt core

Please introduce yourself briefly…

I’m Jiyong Lee and I have worked for 16 years in the R&D Division of Hyundai motor group. My position is senior research engineer and my research topic is mainly two parts. One is developing the aluminium casting process for reducing the manufacturing cost; the other is to develop a new aluminium alloy that meets the various characteristics of the parts' needs such as high corrosion resistant, high thermal conductivity, high stiffness, etc.

What are you sharing and looking for at this year’s FISITA World Congress?

  • Understand the trend of material technology applied to electric vehicles.

  • Make good relationship and network with various research institutions.

  • Find institutions and technologies to collaborate with Hyundai motor.

What will participants learn about from your presentation?

  • Aluminium HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting) Process technology with undercut or internal paths.

  • Three conditions of the core for HPDC process

  • Advantages of Salt core Technology and its Applications

  • Chance to share salt core technology

Which trends do you consider as the most important for your domain of research and your geographical region?

  • Battery technology is one of the most important issues in automobile industry. These days, I'm studying the battery's cathode material and separator material technology.

  • Die-casting technology for large parts is also a big issue such as the GIGA casting of TESLA.

  • 3D printing technology.

The biggest challenge is that there is no completed technology

What challenges do these trends present?

  • I’m studying the material technology for the above research topic.

The biggest challenge is that there is no completed technology. This requires the process of finding answers on its own.

And what opportunities do these trends offer?

  • Studying new technologies

  • Collaboration with various research institutions

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About the FISITA World Congress

Since 1947, the FISITA World Congress has been the leading international meeting place for industry experts, engineers and executives to exchange ideas and discuss the trends that drive the automotive industry forward. The theme for the 38th FISITA World Congress is 'From automobile to mobility. New roles. New challenges' and it will take place 14-16 September 2021, with the opportunity for the global audience to join virtually available for the first time. Registration is now open, with the Early Bird and special registration rates available until 31 August 2021.

Content from the 2020 FISITA Web Congress is available within the FISITA Technical Library, while material from previous Congress events back to 1998 is available in the FISITA Store. By the time of this year’s Congress, all the content will be available within the FISITA Technical Library, with free access provided to FISITA members.

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