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Congress: Performance & Fuel Efficiency Development of New 3L Diesel Engine for the Genesis 1st SUV

Event: FISITA World Congress 14-16 September 2021 online

Name: Jinseok Chang, Senior Research Engineer, Engine Performance Test Team#1

Company: Hyundai Motor Group

Presentation Title: F2021-CAF-028 Performance & Fuel Efficiency Development of the New In-Line 6 Cylinders 3L Diesel Engine System for the Genesis 1st SUV

Please introduce yourself briefly…

My name is Jinseok Chang. I majored in mechanical engineering and internal combustion engine engineering at Seoul National University and Graduate School in Seoul, Republic of Korea. I currently work for HMG (Hyundai Motor Group) and have been working on the development of passenger diesel engines for a long time.

What you will talk about at this year’s FISITA World Congress?

I can feel a lot of transition from the perspective of electrification and the energy revolution compared to FISITA in the past, which means that FISITA is also changing with the times, and traditional powerhouses like conventional internal combustion engines are still a big part. It's a pity that COVID-19 makes it difficult for more active communications to take place.

What benefits will participants gain from your presentation?

It is true that the future of HMG depends on electrification and new mobility businesses, but existing internal combustion engines still play an important role in the business in the near future. My paper will be an opportunity to share with customers of the GENESIS brand and numerous researchers at FISITA how much better our latest engines are than in the past.

Which trends do you consider as the most important for your domain of research and your geographical region?

The change in the status of existing internal combustion engines due to electrification is the most important topic.

The change in the status of existing internal combustion engines due to electrification is the most important topic.

What challenges do these trends present?

Global warming and the new energy revolution, which are global issues, and the diversification of business opportunities due to various eco-friendly policies are creating this trend.

And what opportunities do these trends offer?

For internal combustion engines, it will be a reduction in scope, but in terms of business, diversification due to electrification can be a new opportunity, and internal combustion engines can also take part in various ways of existence, so there are still many opportunities.

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About the FISITA World Congress

Since 1947, the FISITA World Congress has been the leading international meeting place for industry experts, engineers and executives to exchange ideas and discuss the trends that drive the automotive industry forward. The theme for the 38th FISITA World Congress is 'From automobile to mobility. New roles. New challenges' and it will take place 14-16 September 2021, with the opportunity for the global audience to join virtually available for the first time. Registration is now open, with the Early Bird and special registration rates available until 31 August 2021.

Content from the 2020 FISITA Web Congress is available within the FISITA Technical Library, while material from previous Congress events back to 1998 is available in the FISITA Store. By the time of this year’s Congress, all the content will be available within the FISITA Technical Library, with free access provided to FISITA members.

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