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FISITA to launch industry-first Carbon Neutral Mobility Position Paper

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

  • FISITA to launch Working Group Position Paper in Q1 2023

  • Study will offer exclusive insight into transport emissions around the world, in key regions such as Australia, China, France, US, Canada and Switzerland

  • The first instalment of the Carbon Neutral Mobility Working Group will be showcased at FISITA’s annual World Mobility Summit, during Paris Auto Week

Leading international mobility organization FISITA will launch the industry’s first Carbon Neutral Mobility Position Paper in 2023, identifying the carbon footprint of mobility on a global scale, including lifecycle assessment and vehicle usage.

The creation of the Position Paper is a result of a dedicated working group, formed by FISITA’s members from around the world, including Ansys, BP, Denso, EDF, Ford, General Motors, NIO, Renault Group, SAE International, Shell and Toyota. Since September 2021, each member has continued to offer their unique insight into the challenges and opportunities within the carbon neutrality space.

From passenger cars to public transport, the Position Paper will analyse new data from different countries on vehicles usage and the impact transport has on each region’s emissions levels. In addition, the Position Paper will compare CO2 emissions generated during the manufacturing process for both conventionally powered and electric vehicles. Finally, the findings will also offer an exclusive insight into the behaviour of drivers in major cities around the world.

To develop a truly global report, experts from the working group gathered car possession and emissions statistics from rural and urban areas across Australia, China, France, US, Canada and Switzerland.

FISITA will share an exclusive preview to attendees of its annual World Mobility Summit, which will coincide with the world-renowned Paris Automotive Week on October 17. The event will welcome FISITA Corporate Members from leading automakers, mobility technology companies, suppliers and technology companies along with industry stakeholders, media and invited guests, who will participate in group discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities of this year’s theme: ‘Carbon Neutral Mobility – From Cradle to Grave.’

“We are proud to share the first part of the Carbon Neutral Mobility Position Paper during the World Mobility Summit in Paris, offering a first glimpse into the fantastic work carried out by our members,” says Chris Mason, FISITA CEO. “The report utilises knowledge from industry experts from around the world, providing a unique insight into the pollution levels from cradle to grave, vehicle ownership statistics and global commuter behaviour.”

“We look forward to launching the Carbon Neutral Mobility Position Paper in the new year, which will offer members and paying non-members a global outlook on the automotive and mobility sector.”

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