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FISITA to host annual World Mobility Summit during Paris Automotive Week

FISITA will host its annual FISITA World Mobility Summit on October 17 in Paris, coinciding with the world-renowned Paris Automotive Week. The exclusive event will welcome FISITA Corporate Members from leading automakers, mobility technology companies, suppliers and technology companies along with industry stakeholders, media and invited guests, who will participate in group discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities of this year’s theme: ‘Carbon Neutral Mobility – From Cradle to Grave.’

The Summit will include keynotes from leading automotive and mobility companies, including Michelin, Renault Group, Bosch, Ford, Dassault Systèmes, Ansys, IRP Systems and Siemens Digital Industries, as well as a preview of the upcoming FISITA Carbon Neutral Mobility White Paper, which will be launched in 2023.

Morning session

Remi Bastien, FISITA Executive Board Member, and Nadine Leclair, FISITA President, will officially open the Summit and introduce the morning’s keynote presentations. The first speaker of the day will be Philippe Jacquin, Vice President of Business to Consumer Tyre Development at Michelin, who will present a keynote on ‘Life Cycle Assessment at the heart of Michelin sustainable approach.’

Sophie Schmidtlin, CTO Circular Economy Business, Groupe Renault, will deliver a keynote titled ‘Circular Economy and Sourcing,’ highlighting the importance of electrification in Renault’s brand strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles by nearly two-thirds over the next few decades.

With hydrogen becoming such an important energy carrier of the future, Dr. Erik Schuenemann, Director for System Engineering Powertrain, Bosch, will then offer his expert insight into its role in renewable energy, in both gas and liquid form.

Dr. Tim Wallington, Senior Technical Leader for Environmental Sciences, Ford, will discuss how climate change, urban air pollution, energy security, hazardous industrial waste and water scarcity has increased the interest in developing sustainable mobility, before looking at the history of life cycle assessment and its application within the automotive industry.

Afternoon session

In the afternoon, Laurence Montanari, VP Transportation and Mobility Industry, Dassault Systèmes will present the ‘Digitalisation for Sustainable Innovation in Transport and Mobility,’ where she will explore the impact of mobility systems and the reduction of private vehicle ownership on CO2 emissions.

As part of his ‘Modelling and Simulation for Sustainability across the Automotive Life Cycle’ keynote, Christophe Bianchi, Chief Technologist, Ansys, will cover the development of virtual testing and the impact of new engineering solutions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. He will highlight new AI research papers, life cycle simulation techniques and re-down and re-up-cycling strategies.

Moran Price, Cofounder and CEO, IRP Systems will ask “what does it take to electrify urban mobility vehicles?” during her keynote on zero emission transport, presenting the company's approach to electrifying urban mobility quickly without compromising safety and quality. With no ‘silver bullet,’ Price will also explore how automotive suppliers must accommodate new market demands quickly, innovatively and safely.

Sudhi Uppuluri, Director, Automotive and Transportation Industry, Siemens Digital Industries will then share his keynote on ‘The Role of Comprehensive Digital Twin to enable Sustainable Mobility,’ showcasing Siemens’ Comprehensive Digital Twins for key technologies. He will explore how new virtual software is able to capture the complex multi-physics of batteries and motors; accurate enough for optimising and predicting failure modes.

Towards the end of the day, the Summit will feature a second Technical Leaders Group Discussion, before Patrick Pelata, President Meta Strategy Consulting, analyses the ‘The bumpy and speedy road mobility to zero carbon.’ Finally, FISITA will present the Academy of Technical Leadership Awards, which will recognise executives for their significant commitment and contribution to the industry.

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