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FISITA World Mobility Summit: a digital revolution for mobility

We’re excited to feature a breadth of mobility technology leadership at this year’s upcoming FISITA World Mobility Summit. New technology discussions under the theme ‘Carbon neutral mobility – from cradle to grave’ will pave the way for real progress as the automotive industry aims for a sustainable future.

Digital technology is fast providing underpinning innovations which can support manufacture, use, design as well as the afterlife of vehicles. A selection of World Mobility Summit speakers stand ready to make the case for a digital revolution across the automotive industries:

Laurence Montanari, VP Transportation & Mobility Industry, Dassault Systèmes will present the ‘Digitalisation for Sustainable Innovation in Transport and Mobility,’ where she will explore the impact of mobility systems and the reduction of private vehicle ownership on CO2 emissions.

“Moving towards sustainable mobility implies a holistic approach, a complex ecosystem needs to collaborate including territories, energy storage and production, energy distribution, connected vehicles, payments and users,” she says.

Laurence will also explore the simulation of electronic systems, which she believes should be mandatory, and accelerating the development of vehicles for a better mobility experience.

As part of his ‘Modelling and Simulation for Sustainability across the Automotive Life Cycle’ keynote, Christophe Bianchi, Chief Technologist, Ansys, will cover the development of virtual testing and the impact of new engineering solutions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. He will highlight new AI research papers, life cycle simulation techniques and re-down and re-up-cycling strategies.

“With the massive transformation triggered by electrification and autonomy, modelling and simulation play an ever-increasing role in moving towards sustainability, this itself is expected to be one of the biggest contributors to achieving net-zero,” says Christophe.

Sudhi Uppuluri, Director, Automotive and Transportation Industry, Siemens Digital Industries will then share his keynote on ‘The Role of Comprehensive Digital Twin to enable Sustainable Mobility,’ showcasing Siemens’ Comprehensive Digital Twins for key technologies.

“Firstly, capturing the complex multi-physics of batteries and motors that enable the virtual representation to be accurate enough for optimising and predicting failure modes. Secondly, combining the strengths of human and machine to uncover unconventional solutions and, finally, leveraging all of this during operation for predictive maintenance and continued operations of the fleets,” he says.

The role of digital innovation cannot be underestimated in accelerating sustainable mobility. Even supporting the acceleration of development of vehicles for a better mobility experience, these innovations can contribute to real decarbonization.

To share your perspective, join technical leaders from the world’s leading automotive and mobility brands on 17 October in Paris - register now for the World Mobility Summit!

We are delighted to welcome AVL as this year’s Gold sponsor. AVL is one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry. Drawing on its pioneering spirit, the company provides concepts, solutions and methodologies for a greener, safer and better world of mobility. Visit for more information

We are also delighted to welcome Ansys as this year’s Silver sponsor. For more than 50 years, Ansys software has enabled innovators across industries to push boundaries by using the predictive power of simulation. From sustainable transportation to advanced semiconductors, from satellite systems to life-saving medical devices, the next great leaps in human advancement will be powered by Ansys. Visit for more information

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