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FISITA World Mobility Summit: the strengths and limitations of Life Cycle Assessment

When developing new sustainable technologies, it is important to avoid merely shifting environmental problems between different stages of the product lifecycle. The upcoming FISITA World Mobility Summit provides the platform for Dr. Tim Wallington, Senior Technical Leader for Environmental Sciences, Ford to share his insights on Life Cycle Assessment for the first time.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides a holistic cradle-to-grave picture of processes and environmental releases during all stages of a product life. Recognition of the importance of climate change, urban air pollution, energy security, hazardous industrial waste, and water scarcity has increased the interest in developing sustainable mobility.

A cradle-to-grave analysis starts with gathering raw materials from the Earth to create a product and ends when all materials are returned to it. LCA is a mixture of physics and accounting - it provides a powerful and versatile tool to systematically evaluate the environmental consequences associated with a given product.

Dr. Wallington says, “LCA provides a critical tool to inform decision makers on the relative carbon benefits of different options. The FISITA World Mobility Summit is the right audience because it brings together global automotive decision leaders - these decision makers need to understand automotive LCA, its strengths and limitations, to make sound decisions going forward.”

The Summit will be the first time Dr. Wallington presents these specific insights, discussing the history of LCA and its application within the automotive industry. A cradle-to-grave analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from US. light duty vehicles in 2020 and 2035 will also be presented.

Dr. Wallington adds, “I am looking forward to networking opportunities at the Summit and to hearing a broad mix of opinions and strategies to deliver carbon neutral mobility.”

Join Dr. Wallington and other technical leaders from the world’s leading automotive and mobility brands on 17 October in Paris - register now for the World Mobility Summit!

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The FISITA World Mobility Summit 2021 focused on ‘Workplace Evolution’ – the resulting Output Paper comprising contributions from last year’s line-up of technology leaders is now available here. For a code enabling open access, members should contact:

Keen to learn more about carbon neutral technologies? Join FISITA at our Technology Discussion on Carbon Capture and Utilisation on 22 September, online.

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