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FISITA World Mobility Summit Spotlight: speaker sneak peek

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

With this year’s Summit, FISITA continues its deep dive into the carbon neutral technologies which present the most opportunity for the automotive and mobility industry. Gathering the world’s foremost senior experts in the space means the discussions will focus the priority technology of mobility agenda and enable strategic dialogue on the challenges for the industry to tackle in a pre-competitive space.

The morning session will bring together leadership from companies including Bosch to cover new technologies for carbon neutrality and the opportunity circular economy presents to businesses in minimising their operational impact on the environment while valorising newer areas. Sophie Schmidtlin, CTO Circular Economy Business, Renault Group believes initiatives such as its ‘Refactory’ are key. (Keep an eye on the FISITA Spotlight for a reveal on this soon!)

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a clear area of focus to enable this and drives decision-making – Ford’s contribution will focus on the strength and limitations of this approach.

The challenge is clear: providing more mobility with less impact on climate, biodiversity, health, and safety. Ahead of the Summit, Jean-Luc Bouvier, Executive Fellow B2C at Michelin reveals some insights he will deep dive on in Paris:

“At the heart of this approach, is the deployment of eco-design, to develop better, safer products with less material, using less fuel, providing more kilometers. LCA is becoming our compass and the driver of our decisions. My presentation will focus on the method we used to deploy the approach, the maturity of eco design and how we manage this change within the company.”

The afternoon will re-direct discussions around urban mobility, with Dassault Systèmes sharing perspectives on the impact of digitalization and connectivity on mobility usage and CO2.

Moran Price, CoFounder and CEO of IRP Systems believes we are on a fast lane towards zero emission urban mobility but how do we do that quickly without compromising safety and quality? She believes:

“In urban mobility, platform diversity creates a broad spectrum of specifications requirements, different usage models, a variety of vehicle components to integrate with, and more. There is no one solution that fits all, therefore automotive suppliers must accommodate these market demands quickly, innovatively, safely, and most importantly, meet the needs of their customers.”

Will the other Technical Leaders at the Summit agree? What other considerations will be challenged? To find out on 17 October, register now for the World Mobility Summit!

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The FISITA World Mobility Summit 2021 focused on ‘Workplace Evolution’ – the resulting Output Paper comprising contributions from last year’s line-up of technology leaders is now available here.

For a code enabling open access, members should contact:

- Kelly Williams, Corporate Member Manager

- Sarah Nagle, Society Member Manager

- Kerry McDiarmid, Sales and Customer Service Manager

Keen to learn more about carbon neutral technologies? Join FISITA at the FISITA Technology Discussion on Carbon Capture and Utilisation on 22 September, online.


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