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EuroBrake 2022: opening plenary keynotes confirmed

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

We are pleased to announce the opening plenary session for this year's EuroBrake. The opening plenary will consist of two keynote addresses

"Act by-wire – a new chapter for electrification"

Stephan Stass, Robert Bosch GmbH Chassis Systems Control

Automated driving and new battery-electric platforms drive car makers and suppliers to focus even more on differentiation and efficiency.

Act by-wire, combining steer and brake by-wire, is addressing these topics with new flexibility in vehicle design and standardization in vehicle integration and production.

Bosch cross-domain vehicle motion management unlocks the full potential of act by-wire systems with its advanced control design solutions.

End customers benefit from new human machine interfaces and a more agile, safe and comfortable driving experience.

Data-driven development and virtualized software releases support to master complexity and to ensure a safe and efficient series introduction.

"Can AI help reduce testing from the test engineering process? How data analytics can make testing smarter"

Carlos Agudelo, Link Engineering Co. and Shravan Adapa, Soothsayer Analytics LLC

The test engineer conducts a test when there is no known answer to a technical question. Can I shorten the stopping distance by 30 % with this new brake package without increasing noise during normal driving? Can this new regenerative brake blending algorithm bring the total vehicle emissions below my target level? Can this smaller brake caliper provide the torque output for ABS and last a vehicle life for a shared vehicle? These are questions that we typically use to justify a test campaign or a test plan involving onroad, proving ground, and laboratory testing. All successful answers to the above have three things in common: lots of data, data pipelines, and algorithms.

But, there may be a different way to answer these and other questions: Artificial Intelligence, and its toolbox with Machine Learning, High-Performance Computing, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, and Neural Networks, to name the most common tools from AI. Automated and Connected Vehicles, Smart Logistics, Mobility as a Service, and Smart Manufacturing are areas where AI is growing the most, and all of them are within the automotive industry. We need to bridge the gap that exists with product development and its associated test programs.

This keynote takes a look at future applications: how we see AI/data analytics being applied to today’s needs in the brake industry, along with current challenges and opportunities. Also, the keynote looks at best practices for data management: the importance of keeping an organized database, and what any lab can do today to begin preparing itself for future data science applications. Lastly, we consider AI methods being applied today to leverage databases to result in improved processes, along with a case study related to brake emissions.

To book your place at what promises to be an outstanding event please register here:

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