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Stephan Stass studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern. He joined Robert Bosch GmbH in 1998 and has held several positions in electronic engineering and product management for ABS, TCS, ESP. Including:

2008 - 2012: Vice President Engineering and Head of Engineering Chassis System Control, Bosch Japan, responsible for development of ABS, ESP Systems and Motorcycle ABS.

2013 - 2014: Head of Systems and Advanced Engineering at Bosch, Chassis System Control. His tasks included also the Bosch Highly Automated Driving Project.

2014 - 2018: Senior Vice President of the Business Unit Driver Assistance Systems at Bosch, Chassis System Control. 2018 – 2021: Stephan Stass was appointed Member of the Board of Management of the Division Chassis Systems Control and in charge of Driver Assistance Systems and Divisional Engineering worldwide.

Since 2021 he is responsible for Engineering and Brake Systems at Chassis Systems Control.


Executive Vice President Engineering and Brake Systems

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Mr. Stephan Stass

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28 Apr 2022