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FISITA Technical Discussion: Harnessing the Power of ‘clean’ CO2

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

On 22 September 2022, FISITA will welcome technical experts from organisations around the world to participate in the organisation’s latest online event on ‘Carbon Capture & Utilisation: Harnessing the Power of CO2 for Useful Materials in Mobility’ .

The event will focus on how CO2 can be utilised to benefit the mobility industry, as environmental concerns become a central focus for companies in wake of rising temperatures across the globe. Experts will share their insights into how the industry can overcome these issues, including the removal of fossil fuels from manufacturing processes, recycling and energy storage.

Hosted by Christophe Aufrere, FISITA VP Technical and SVP Group CTO, Forvia, the programme will include presentations from industry leaders in the space of carbon capture, including CEA France, LanzaTech, Mercedes-Benz and Twelve. Following the presentations, attendees will be encouraged to join a virtual Q&A session where they will have the chance to question each speaker and share their own thoughts and expertise.

What to expect

Dr. Thibault Cantat, Senior Researcher at CEA France, will present ‘CO2 Transformation: Plastics from Thin Air,’ where he will explore the current economy, supply chain and production of plastics in the automotive industry. Dr. Cantat will highlight how a collection of technologies are able to convert CO2 and its derivatives into useful products, from low-carbon energies such as nuclear and renewables, to achieve carbon neutrality with a positive environmental and societal impact.

“The production of plastics will reach 1,300 metric tonnes by 2050, driven by chemicals, fuels and fossil resources. We as an industry must identify and put into action carbon capture strategies to ensure that we limit our use of plastic and emissions to combat global warming,” says Dr. Cantat.

Dr. Cantat will outline specific strategies to achieve net-zero emissions goals for the lifecycle of plastics, including mechanical and chemical recycling, the utilisation of biomass and carbon capture utilisation.

Following this, Dr. Preeti Jain, Director Business Development & Government Relations, LanzaTech, will present ‘A Low Carbon Pathway Enabling a Circular Economy,’ exploring the importance of a circular economy. She will discuss how the advances in technology and a global momentum to avert the deepening climate crisis have brought the industry to a new industrial era in which recycled CO2 will be the feedstock to produce the climate-safe materials and fuels that are made from oil today.

Dr. Jain will also showcase LanzaTech’s pioneering gas fermentation process, which uses anaerobic acetogenic microbes that are capable of fixing carbon oxides. On a commercial scale, this technology will enable the conversion of waste carbon to valuable fuels and chemicals, redefining the carbon capture process.

“Besides addressing the climate crisis, a transition from oil refining to ‘carbon refining’ offers opportunity for industrial rebirth, distributed sustainable production, domestic supply chain security and rural economic development,” says Dr. Jain.
“With our vision already at the commercial scale, this presentation will share the journey of carbon recycling using LanzaTech’s platform and showing how it can empower a new circular carbon economy.”

Udo Gayer, Manager, New Business, Mercedes-Benz AG and Nicholas Flanders, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Twelve, will together present ‘Carbon2Chem – from CO2 to Polymers,’ offering a glimpse into the two companies’ carbon neutrality ambitions.

The two will inform event attendees on direct air capturing, carbon storage and how this can be translated into zero emissions growth, as well as take a first look at the world’s first C-Pillar made with polycarbonate from CO2 electrolysis.

“With our Ambition 2039, we put a stake into the ground, committing to carbon-neutrality by 2039. With the help of Twelve, we hope to share our journey with FISITA attendees and highlight the possibilities of carbon neutrality through innovative technology,” says Udo.

Join FISITA online on 22 September at this at this 2-hour session to hear each presentation in full, as well as for the opportunity to network with automotive and mobility professionals from around the globe. Register now for ‘Carbon Capture & Utilisation Harnessing the Power of CO2 for Useful Materials in Mobility’.

Keen to learn more about carbon neutral mobility applications? Join us in Paris on 17 October for FISITA World Mobility Summit, bringing together technology leaders from many of the world’s leading automotive and mobility brands to discuss ‘Carbon Neutral Mobility - From Cradle to Grave.

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