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AutoTechnology Goes Digital!

Vieweg Verlag, FISITA’s publishing partner, has developed an exciting new e-magazine version of the official FISITA publication, AutoTechnology. It will be issued bi-monthly and its content will be identical to the existing, highly popular print edition.

The new e-magazine offers the reader a “paper-like” reading experience, but with several advantages possible only in digital format. It enables AutoTechnology’s readers to access their copy via the internet, any time, anywhere in the world.

FISITA Chief Executive Ian Dickie commented that “the new e-magazine format is a logical step forward for FISITA. Our members are spread across 36 countries world-wide and they can now receive AutoTechnology immediately on publication – without the delays that result from using the international postal system.

It also compliments FISITA’s purpose, which is to promote sustainability through the use of advanced technologies, as we can expand the circulation to more of our members while reducing our consumption of paper and other resources.”

There are benefits too for the advertisers in AutoTechnology, who now have the facility to communicate directly with their target audiences, providing interactivity through web hyperlinks

The AutoTechnology e-edition uses the industry leading ZinioReader platform, which is extremely simple and natural to use (you even see the pages turn on screen). Engineers belonging to FISITA member societies benefit from a free subscription to the e-magazine version. Those who prefer to receive the print edition can subscribe for a small fee (saving 50% off the non FISITA member rate).

More than 40,000 engineers world-wide already receive the print edition of AutoTechnology. Launched in 2001 by the highly regarded German technical publishing house, Vieweg Verlag, AutoTechnology covers the latest innovations in every aspect of the research, design, development and production of automobiles. It is widely recognised as the number one global technology magazine serving the automotive community.

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