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FISITA Announces Extended Abstracts Deadline for 2006 World Automotive Congress in Yokohama

FISITA and JSAE (the Japan Society of Automotive Engineers) today announced that they will extend the deadline for authors wishing to submit abstracts for the FISITA 2006 World Automotive Congress to 21 November 2005.

The extended deadline will give prospective authors an additional three weeks in which to submit their abstract for the congress.

FISITA Chief Executive, Ian Dickie said: “We already have more than 600 abstracts from 37 countries – including submissions from recognised global experts working for leading automotive companies, research institutes and universities.

In response to requests from industry, we have decided to extend the deadline to give even more engineers the opportunity to present at the congress and to make sure we’re putting together a programme that comprises only the very latest, most important work being done in all areas of automotive technology.”

Engineers wishing to present a paper at FISITA 2006 now have until 21 November 2005 to submit their initial abstract (title and brief summary of the proposed paper). Authors will be notified in January 2006 if their paper has been accepted for the programme by the Congress Technical Committee. Authors who are successful must then submit their final manuscripts by 31 May 2006.

The congress itself takes place from 22 – 27 October 2006 at the Pacifico Convention Centre in Yokohama, Japan.

The FISITA World Automotive Congress has been organised every 2 years since 1948. It is widely recognised as one of the leading international conferences on automotive engineering.

The most recent congress was held in Barcelona, Spain in May 2004. Over 400 technical papers were presented and more than 2,000 engineers attended the congress from 40+ countries.

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