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FISITA 2016 - thoughts from the FISITA CEO

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Before I became CEO in 2014 I had a working knowledge of FISITA based almost exclusively on its delivery of the World Automotive Congress. As I carried out my due diligence before joining I soon came to learn that this event is the reason for the very existence of FISITA, as it is why the organisation was first formed in 1947.

FISITA CEO Chris Mason

I attended my first Congress in 2014, and spent two days in Maastricht a few weeks before taking up position as CEO. This was my first exposure to the wonderful world of FISITA, a truly global membership organisation that supports the automotive engineering profession through its network of Member Societies and Corporate Members in 38 countries, extending an international reach to over 210,000 engineers.

Since this time I have enjoyed contributing as one part of a large, international team of experts as plans for FISITA 2016 have been discussed, debated and created through various working groups and committees, as month after month each building block was safely put into place, with an admirable dedication and determination by our friends and colleagues at Congress hosts and long term FISITA member the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers.

This weekend, me and the FISITA staff team fly out to Busan, Korea to begin the process of supporting KSAE in their delivery of the 36th FISITA World Automotive Congress.

As I reflect on this ahead of travelling, I am mindful of the fact that KSAE and the FISITA team take responsibility as the entrusted custodians of this great event, which has supported the world's automotive engineers for nearly 70 years. A period where innovation upon innovation has been presented and disseminated in order to support the continued evolution of automotive transportation, and it's associated technologies.

As our membership community evolves into the world's mobility engineers of tomorrow and beyond, delivering the innovation required to serve the rapidly changing industry which they support, I imagine many of my predecessors felt a similar pride and anticipation as I do today – as they prepared to continue the rich tradition of FISITA, a unique and very relevant organisation, at whichever point you chose to evaluate its contribution to the advancement of technology since 1947.

More information about FISITA 2016 is available here

All the best Chris


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