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Welcome to the new FISITA blog

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

FISITA CEO Chris Mason

Since 1948 FISITA has held a unique position within the world’s automotive industry. Our purpose is to support and encourage engineers to create solutions which continually push the boundaries of technology and improve our society, especially where they relate to mobility, safety and the environment.

Since becoming Chief Executive in 2014 I have learned that FISITA’s strength is our broad membership community of engineering societies and corporate members, allowing us to reach over 200,000 engineers.

I admire the competitive spirit and collaborative nature I see when engineers get together. The appetite to learn, share, challenge and support each other is truly impressive. It may be a sign of the times, with increasingly complex technology driving the need for support. Or maybe, and most probably, that's just how the engineering community works – I like to think so.

Most engineers that I speak with share a common view. The industry we work in is transitioning fast, moving ever further away from the traditional, combustion propelled motor vehicle that we all grew up with, to an industry that will become more familiar, but will forever take us out of our comfort zone: the mobility sector.

Just as FISITA has supported mechanical engineers of the last seven decades, we now prepare to support mobility engineers of the coming decade and beyond.

An important part of this process, which FISITA is uniquely placed to support, is enabling thought leaders and the engineering community to engage, in order to learn, share, challenge and support each other.

The FISITA blog has been created to support this objective, with each new author posting their work and then engaging with the FISITA community before passing the baton to an author of their choice to do the same, and so on.

Our first guest authors are currently preparing their blog posts, so look out for them here soon. I encourage you to become involved in the discussion and welcome a range of views, so please feel free to leave your comments below.

Engineers create solutions; FISITA’s role is to support them on this journey.

All the best

Chris Mason Chief Executive FISITA


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