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Operational Bending and Torsion of a Vehicle Body under Brake Judder Loads

Name: Juan. J García-Bonito

Company: Applus IDIADA

Presentation Title: Operational Bending and Torsion of a Vehicle Body under Brake Judder Loads (EB2020-STP-010)

Session: Posters, Monday 17 May 2021, 17:30 - 19:30 (Central European Summer Time - CEST)

What do you find most interesting about the topic of your presentation?

a. The role of friction brakes in context with electrified and autonomous vehicles

b. The influence of changing requirements on the solution set of friction brake concepts

When discussing this topic with industry peers, what question are you most frequently asked? How do you answer it?

Question: Which requirements on today’s friction brakes will change with future mobility concepts and why?

Answer: The change in requirements becomes clear, when you take a look at the change of the overall system. The most important parts are the absence of driver inputs in a fully autonomous vehicle and the decrease of frictional energy to be converted per km because of the electric drivetrain and the driving strategy of the vehicle.

Who do you think will be most interested in your presentation, and who would you most like to ask questions about it?

Brake manufacturers looking into future mobility concepts and business segments

What specific topics or technology are you hoping to see in other presentations or in the exhibition?

I am always looking for innovative brake concepts and their individual strengths and weaknesses depending on requirements.

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About Juan. J García-Bonito

Juan J. García graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from the Technical University of Barcelona (UPC) in 1985. In 1996 he obtained his PhD in Noise and Vibration Studies from the University of Southampton (England). He diversified in 1997 by joining IDIADA’s NVH Department.

Recent activities include the development of methods for the objective assessment of vibration comfort in vehicles and advanced analysis techniques for Brake- NVH troubleshooting.

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