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Superior Graphite Europe

Superior Graphite Europe



Delivering unparalleled quality since 1917, Superior Graphite provides unique solutions for the friction market among others.  FormulaFXâ„¢ materials utilize a variety of carbonaceous materials, from synthetic to crystalline flake graphite to calcined petroleum cokes, to offer a full spectrum of friction modifier materials, each with specialized performance and durability characteristics designed to meet specific industry requirements in every category. Resilient Graphitic Carbonâ„¢ (RGCâ„¢) materials are one of the most specialized graphitic carbons available today.  These materials are produced utilizing our patented high-temperature purification technology using premium raw materials offering specific morphology, high porosity, and resiliency.  Applied in low concentrations as a friction modifier for brake pad applications, it greatly improves performance parameters such as compressibility control and wear-noise reduction.

Superior Graphite provides continuous electro-thermal treatment/purification of graphite & carbons, advanced sizing, and custom-mix technologies for energy/thermal management, metallurgy (iron & steel), friction modification, drilling material additives, non-oxide ceramics, and polymers/CASE materials. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, with locations in Germany, Sweden and China, Superior Graphite offers technologies and a consultative approach that give engineers access to purpose-manufactured materials, with unparalleled consistency that delivers confidence. In addition, our precision grinding and sizing technologies translate into an unmatched ability to alter and customize product attributes to suit specific requirements, making commercialization more efficient and reliable.




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16 July 2021


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