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Sun Bee Instruments

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Sunbees Instruments Inc. was founded in 1989 with the goal of “pursuing ultra-precision measurement technology” and is handling various physical force measurement sensors and measurement control systems.

We provide a total engineering service that supplies measurement and control related items such as sensors such as pressure, flow, distance, rotation angle, torque, load, vibration, and inclination, sensor output conversion and controller, and data collection and analysis software.

In the engineering team organized in 2000, various testers- thickness of brake disc, brake pad wear, caliper rotation resistance (Drag), distance of master cylinder. We have developed strength and durability testers and have been supplying them to domestic and foreign R&D fields.

The technology and experience accumulated over 30 years can provide a wide range of measurements required by customers. We will be your partner in helping control equipment to be optimized with the highest precision.