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Mr. T. Russell Shields

Mr. T. Russell Shields


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RoadDB provides an end-to-end software solution for road data and localization for highly automated driving products (SAE Levels 3-5) in series production vehicles.  The RoadDB technology also supports SAE Level 1/2 products such as lane centering, extended versions of automatic emergency braking (AEB), and stop-and-go adaptive cruise control.

The advantages of the RoadDB technology include permanently fresh and accurate road data where each piece of data includes an indicator of its trustworthiness, coverage of the roads where customers will drive, additional data that is needed for vehicle control functions, localization accurate to 10 cm laterally and longitudinally in all locations under all conditions (weather, lighting, landscape, etc.), automotive industry safety compliance (ISO 26262) at ASIL B level for inclusion in ASIL D safety systems, and a low cost of operation.