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Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.




Hitachi has almost 80 years' experience in the business of automotive products.

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. was established by the split-off of Automotive Systems from Hitachi, Ltd. in July 2009. Within Hitachi Group, we have been combining our broad range of technologies and know-how for hardware and software to provide system solutions for various technical issues related to the automotive industry, corresponding to the requirements of the market, such as environmental and safety regulations and improvements in comfort and convenience.

To protect our environment from air pollution and global warming, we are working on eco-friendly clean engine system and high-efficiency torque transmission mechanisms aiming at overall enhancement in fuel efficiency and also electromotive solutions. Based on our tradition of innovation in electric motors and control technologies for various trains including bullet trains, Hitachi has been pioneering electric systems and elements required for automobiles in terms of automotive evolution.

In Hybrid Electric Vehicle applications, we offer integrated electromechanical solutions for reduction in size and weight and enhancement of control efficiency by using a combination of its engine management and electric powertrain technologies.

Aiming at more advanced safety technologies such as collision avoidance assistance systems to prevent traffic accidents, Hitachi have also developed outside recognition sensors, brakes, steering parts, suspension and other sub-systems that are operated using millimeter wave radar and image processing camera devices. We are also working on by-wire technology specific to higher-level drive control based on electrical and electronic circuits superseding conventional mechanisms.

Utilizing our leading-edge ubiquitous networking technologies in information communication as well as onboard information terminals, we offer system solutions for car information with respect to comfort and convenience. Hitachi provides the "Car Information System (CIS) solution" by integrating with the know-how of respective fields of "Automotive", "Service", and "Social Infrastructure" developed and accumulated through many business experiences and the technologies such as information & communication, in-vehicle unit, and parts diagnosis.

Hitachi is now focusing on the development and application of innovative technologies in engine management, electric powertrain, drive control and car information systems, leading to our goal of 'Total ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Integration Control'. To achieve the goal, Hitachi has introduced a new concept of IAS, Information and Actuation integrated management System, which is to combine these technologies tightly into one complete system.

Total ITS Integration Control Technology is designed to make driving safer, by eliminating all hazardous elements one may encounter when driving, more comfortably without unnecessary stress, as well as realize environmentally-friendly.

It ensures that driver operations are the safest in all situations and that driving is pleasant and environmentally-friendly. Hitachi aims to create a driving environment where the car virtually escorts the driver.

We keep on creating new value through the harmonization of 'people, vehicles, and society'.

Mr. Kunihiko Ohnuma

Mr. Kunihiko Ohnuma

President and Chief Executive Officer



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