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Q&A with Pat Bassett, Corporate Member Leader, Americas, FISITA

Working on common industry issues in the FISITA community can accelerate delivery to market, says Pat Bassett of DENSO North American Engineering

Pat Bassett is Senior Vice President of DENSO North American Engineering, with responsibility for the company’s thermal, powertrain, electrification, mobility systems and electronics, and corporate engineering operations.

Pat is also FISITA’s Corporate Member Leader for the Americas region. Speaking in this capacity, he outlines the current challenges and opportunities faced by mobility stakeholders in the Americas, and how engineers from traditional and non-traditional companies alike can benefit from FISITA membership.

What is your FISITA role?

At FISITA, I am Corporate Member Leader, Americas. In this role, I am focused on attracting new members to FISITA in emerging areas to enhance industry collaboration on common items. The aim is to help deliver new technology to the world for the benefit of society. I am particularly keen to promote FISITA membership to new companies – that is, those companies not traditionally seen as part of the automotive industry.

What are the key mobility trends in the Americas region?

Safety and the environment are two key mobility trends in the Americas. Both of these trends can be shaped by autonomous vehicle technology, which has the potential to drive more efficiently than many human drivers, and if delivered correctly, could help to reduce the number of road traffic injuries and fatalities caused by human error.

What are the challenges that these trends present?

There are still many challenges in developing autonomous drive systems, notably how to accelerate the development of these systems and ensure their successful delivery to market.

And what opportunities do these trends offer?

Traffic deaths in the US went up during the COVID-19 pandemic, so there is still plenty of work to do with regard to traffic safety. Also, as the world moves towards carbon neutrality, there are many areas of opportunity for the mobility industry to contribute.

What does all this mean for engineers developing the technology of mobility?

There are many common items with regard to regulations, standards and legal items that can be handled by an organization such as FISITA, enabling engineers to focus on the associated technical challenges that need to be overcome.

How can FISITA help engineers develop these solutions?

FISITA can be a key contributor in overcoming these challenges. Working on common industry issues in the FISITA community can have a major impact on the speed of delivery to market.

And how can companies learn more about FISITA membership?

If you have a technology or product that you can offer the mobility industry, FISITA membership gives you a great opportunity to introduce your company and products to the vast FISITA network. To find out how FISITA membership can help you, contact me or my FISITA colleague, Kelly Williams for more information.


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