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Ingenieurs de l'Auto interviews FISITA President Frank Zhao

FISITA President (2018-20) Prof. Frank Zhao

As FISITA President since October 2018, there is no doubt that Prof. Frank Zhao has a particularly keen eye on the current state of the automotive industry and on the challenges already causing a major disruption in it. His research at Tsinghua University has also put him in the position of an eminent observer of the world’s leading automotive market: China. He explains his vision of the future automotive industry and the programme covered by his two-year term of office as President of FISITA to Ingénieurs de l’Auto magazine.

"I will encapsulate the priorities of my term of office as President in three words: quality, engagement and recognition. The cornerstone of my presidency is the premium operation of the organisation. We are pleased to see that member countries and companies are increasingly committed and proactive in many different activity areas."

Read the full interview (available in French and English) here.

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