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In the Spotlight: Nissan renews FISITA Corporate Membership

FISITA Corporate Member, Nissan, a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, have renewed their membership to promote excellence in mobility engineering through pre-competitive collaboration across the FISITA network.

FISITA Corporate Members are the elite group of industry leaders from the world’s top auto mobility makers, suppliers and technology providers, as determined by members of the Industry Committee.

Since creation, FISITA has seen significant growth in influence and relevance and today our membership network reaches over 210,000 engineers in 35 countries, placing us at the heart of the industry. FISITA is pleased to offer exclusive membership to engineering societies and corporate organisations active within the automotive mobility industry.

To find out more about FISITA membership options, please visit:

Company Overview

Nissan continues its quest to optimize product development and deliver highly innovative technology. Today, in various countries and regions around the world, we enjoy a stellar reputation for creating truly innovative vehicles and service programs.

View Nissan's profile on the FISITA Directory.


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