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FISITA Announces New Appointments to its Executive Board

FISITA, the international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering profession, today announced the members of the Executive Board that will serve under new President Ms Nadine Leclair’s extended period of Presidency from 2020 to 2023.

The FISITA Executive Board has undertaken a modernisation in structure, appointing Vice Presidents, and introducing Deputy Vice Presidents and Advisors to support succession, while retaining knowledge and continuity.

Speaking on this evolving strategic approach, FISITA (UK) Ltd CEO, Mr Chris Mason said “Knowledge and experience and strong succession are significant contributing factors to a successful Board. At FISITA we’re introducing the role of DVP to enable the next cohort of VP’s to gather knowledge in order to ensure consistency. While retaining the experience of the last VPs by introducing the role of Advisor, ensuring a smooth transition at every turn of Board personnel.”

FISITA President and Chair of the Executive Board, Ms Nadine Leclair spoke of the Board “As usual, the FISITA community benefits equally from its contribution to, and gain from FISITA, this is also true of the Executive Board. I am delighted and looking forward to working with such wonderful, international leaders as we progress the work of FISITA over the next three years.”

New Vice Presidents spoke of their appointment to the Board:

“I’m delighted and honored to be nominated as VP Technical.” said Christophe Aufrere, VP Technical. “The automotive industry is facing a huge transformation and more than ever technology is at the heart of it. Beyond technology, building efficient networks is a necessity to reach quickly the targeted performances. Both aspects, technology and networks, are part of the FISITA DNA and I’m committed to further develop them in my new role.”

“I am very honored to get the chance to serve FISTA in such challenging times,” said Friedrich Wolf-Monheim, VP Education. “I am very passionate about the international network of experts working together to significantly contribute to strengthen our global society and to support the education of individuals and especially students in the areas of automotive and mobility systems engineering and I look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience.”

The full Executive Board can be viewed at

Engineers create solutions, FISITA supports them to do so. Regardless.


Since its establishment in 1950, FISITA’s mission has been to deliver collaborative thought leadership and support to the world’s automotive and mobility systems engineers. During this time, the range of skills required of engineers has broadened significantly, but their goal to create safe, sustainable and affordable solutions that interact with people, and more recently, infrastructure has not changed.

FISITA is well placed to bring together engineers, industries and academia in a spirit of cooperation to share knowledge, progress thought leadership and advance the adoption of next-generation technology safely and ethically.

To find out more, please visit and follow FISITA on Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

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