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Calling all brake industry stakeholders – EuroBrake 2021 is open for business!

The world of braking is evolving fast, and EuroBrake – the world’s largest braking technology event – is the best way to see the big picture and to focus on critical and specific topics and issues.

From stopping vehicles to regenerative braking, frictionless braking and beyond, register now for EuroBrake 2021 (17-21 May) to learn about the latest developments in braking technology:

  • Impact of CASE trends – how will braking be shaped by connected, automated, shared, and electrified technologies and business models?

  • Brake-by-wire and frictionless braking technology

  • Brake emissions regulation

  • Filters and retrofit solutions

  • Brake materials, linings, and coatings

  • Brake performance testing

  • NVH – noise, vibration, and harshness

  • What links rail and road braking? Auto industry and rail industry stakeholders have much to share on electrification and autonomation

EuroBrake 2021 Preliminary Programme

View the complete preliminary programme today and begin to plan which sessions you will attend. Registering as soon as possible provides immediate access to past EuroBrake content and enables you to contact other attendees in the two weeks prior to the event.

The evolution of conferencing – EuroBrake 2021 goes online: As part of EuroBrake’s evolution, the 2021 event will be held online as we prepare for a future of online-only and hybrid events.

The EuroBrake Virtual Content Delivery (VCD) platform will showcase partner companies and provide unique networking opportunities for a truly immersive online experience. Attendees can use the VCD to message, video call, and post to specific forums; personalise their agenda and EuroBrake experience; and receive networking suggestions. See the video below.

EuroBrake 2021 Spotlight on Rail

Rail focus at EuroBrake 2021: In addition to the 90 technical sessions and other activities focused on automotive braking, EuroBrake 2021 will feature the rail industry in three technical sessions, one keynote speech and one panel session. You can find out more in EuroBrake 2021 Spotlight on Rail.

Agenda for EuroBrake 2021: Access the preliminary EuroBrake 2021 agenda online: The final agenda will be published in early May 2021.

Register for EuroBrake 2021: Tickets for EuroBrake 2021 are available on FISITA’s dedicated EuroBrake 2021 website:

Full price tickets for EuroBrake will be available right up to the start of the event:

EuroBrake 2021 tickets provide access to EuroBrake technical papers from 2012-20 at no extra charge! Register now to get ready for this year’s event.

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