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Mr. Meechai Sriwiboon, Compact International(1994) Co.,Ltd., THAILAND

Ms. Kritsana Kaewlob, Compact International(1994)Co.,Ltd., THAILAND

Mr. Seong Rhee, SKR Consulting, UNITED STATES

Disc pads of one low-copper formulation and one high-copper formulation were made and cured under 4 different cure conditions. These pads had no backing layer (underlayer) and no scorching in order to minimize experimental variables. Pad thickness, dynamic modulus and resonant frequencies were continuously monitored over a period 12 months. After 12 months at room temperature, pad thickness, dynamic modulus and resonant frequencies all increased to higher values. The low-copper formulation exhibited relatively rapid property changes during the first 60 days, and the copper-free formulation exhibited relatively rapid changes during the first 90 days, followed by slow changes thereafter. Two competing processes were found to be taking place; internal residual stress relief leading to pad expansion and cross-linking of the resin leading to pad shrinkage. In addition, pad property changes due to testing were measured. As the properties are changing with time, a question rises regarding the timing of measurement for quality control. Implications of these property changes will be discussed for correlating pad properties with friction, wear, brake squeal and squeal modeling/simulation.

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Meechai is a Technical Director at Compact International. Compact International is a leading manufacturer of friction materials in Thailand.

For over 20 years, Meechai has worked in many R&D projects in close association with many international experts. He has attended many international brake and friction material conferences all around the world for technical exchanges. He has also presented research papers in various forums. 

Meechai is also the Co-founder and Program chair of ASEAN Brake Conference (now Asia Brake) which is held beginning of the year annually in Bangkok, Thailand starting from 2014.

He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from NIDA, Thailand and a bachelor's degree in engineering.


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Mr. Meechai Sriwiboon

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