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Prof. Fang Chen, Chief Consultant of HMI Design, China FAW Group

FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference 2021 hosted by China SAE

3 Impacts of Human Factors on Safety



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Fang Chen received her B.Sc. in Biology in Peking University, China in year 1983. And received her Ph.D. in Linkoping University, Sweden in year 1997. In her occupational curia, the research areas covered ergonomics, Human Factors and Interaction design, from theorical research to application design. After received Ph.D., she spent 6 years doing research on cockpit interaction design for fight aircraft, mainly focusing on speech interaction and 3D audio presentation. From year 2005, her research area shifted from aviation to automobile application.

For over 30 years of academy life, her research work covered  cognitive science, Human factors and human-machine interaction, with theoretical background involving physiology, behavioral psychology, visual and auditory interaction. Research results are widely applied in multimedia system usability, automatic control, aviation and automobile driving control, public safety and crisis management. As the expert in interaction design, serving as a member and consultant to several international academic research institutions and large companies like Huawei and FAW, she published hundreds of papers in international journals and conferences. In regarding the vehicle interaction design, she focused more on human behavior related safety issues and user experiences. Now she is leading the research work on establishing different Chinese standards for HMI in vehicles.


Chief Consultant of HMI Design

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Ms. Fang Chen

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