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Mr. Denis Emorine, ALSTOM, GERMANY

All train manufacturers have one day experience squealing noise issue by braking in the stations. This noise could be high frequency or low frequency. It is in any case an issue when it’s disturbing noise (in the human ear frequency).

This issue causes disturbance for the population leaving close to the railway stations and it’s taken seriously into consideration in the recent project: for instance, in Sweden.

To avoid or reduce this noise, what are the possible levers for it? What are the effective influence of each levers on the noise? It’s always a fine compromise to find between wear (LCC), performance (thermal) and noise.

Therefore, the presentation will target to provide actual answers on a real example experienced on Nordic trains in Sweden by ALSTOM Transport.

It will show:

- the initial situation of each Swedish fleet and its chronology (wear, noise),

- the corrective actions chosen within the project developments,

- the issue encountered with the correctives actions,

- the experimental researches to identify where come from the noise generation (18 different pad variants, different caliper fixations, SW action on the brake force…),

- the analyze of the results with their weighting on interest/cost and beside requirements (wear/performance),

- the final retained solutions,

- Actual final accepted end solution.

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My name is Denis Emorine, I am french leaving in Germany for more than 8 years.

I am working in the railway industrie since 2002.

First as technical project manager for special maintenance machins for catenary, track , elevation based on wagons.

Then I worked for Faiveley Transport as brake SE for locomotives, HST and Regional trains.

I finally integrated ALSTOM in 2013 in Salzgitter (Germany) and I am Senior Expert for Brake system and Domain Leader for the Train system Propulsion (Brake and traction system).

I am active part of ENs for brake system as well as in the German "AK Bremse", but also in Shift 2 Rail.


Domain Leader Propulsion, Senior Expert Brake and air system

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Mr. Denis Emorine

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16 July 2021

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16 July 2021

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