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Fagor Ederlan Group is a Global Automotive Components Supplier focus on Chassis, IC Powertrain, Electric Powertrain and Structural Components applications. With 18 manufacturing sites worldwide, Fagor Ederlan is a Global Partner for Automotive Industry. The proximity of our plants and human team facilitates the possibility of offering to our clients the best solution to their requirements. 18 production plants in 5 countries - Spain, Mexico, Brazil,  Slovakia and China - define our profile as a global leader in the manufacture  of automotive components.

Experts in product and technology, we have a tradition of more than 50 years in the market offering Iron and Aluminium Advanced Product Solutions. Knowledge of product functionality and our innovative vocation, positions us as a Brake Components Supplier in the main OEMs and Tiers 1 of the  sector. Thinking about the future of  braking solutions, we work to respond to the great challenges in the brake industry with proposals focus on light weight, NVH, PM10 emissions, coatings & finishing of the product.