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DENSO Corporation

Yasushi Yamanaka
Executive Vice President

Yasushi Yamanaka

Yasushi Yamanaka is executive vice president of DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi, Japan. He oversees DENSO’s overall R&D and Engineering Research & Development Center.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yamanaka joined DENSO Corporation (formerly Nippondenso Co., Ltd.) in April 1979.

Yamanaka began his career in the Air-conditioning Engineering Division 1, where he developed the sub-cool system, which further cools the liquid refrigerant sent from the condenser of car air-conditioning systems. Yamanaka was promoted to general manager of the same division in June 2002. In this position, he took the lead in developing the world’s first CO2 air-conditioning system for FCV (fuel cell vehicles) and an electric air-conditioning system for hybrid electric vehicles.

In January 2004, Yamanaka was named director of the Thermal Systems R&D Division. Throughout his career, he contributed to the development of new air-conditioning systems.

In June 2005, he was named one of DENSO’s executive directors where he led DENSO’s thermal business unit and helped build the foundation for future growth through organizational reform.

In June 2013, Yamanaka was appointed president and CEO of DENSO Europe International B.V. He was promoted to senior executive director in June 2014 and executive vice president in June 2015.

Spotlight on DENSO Corporation

DENSO CORPORATION, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety. Its customers include all the world's major carmakers. Worldwide, the company has more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 38 countries and regions (including Japan) and employs nearly 140,000 people. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, totaled US$39.8 billion.

A consistently high level of R&D investment has been central to creating DENSO's renowned technological expertise in numerous product categories. DENSO annually invests approximately 9 percent of its consolidated sales revenue for research and development. This drives technological innovation which, in turn, generates the next cycle of products.

DENSO's fundamental R&D structure is built on a number of organizations in Japan - the DENSO Research Laboratories, Corporate R&D Department, Production Engineering R&D Department, Nippon Soken Inc., and DENSO IT Laboratory. Each of DENSO's five key business groups also has independent R&D sections.

Recently, DENSO developed a new electronic Diesel Engine Management System significantly increases fuel combustion efficiency by highly pressurizing diesel fuel (2500bar) and using a feedback injection control system, leading to lower fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Since 1990, DENSO has held the world's largest market share in air conditioners for vehicles. Currently, we are also pouring our efforts into making energy efficient air conditioning systems with more comfort and less burden on the environment.

DENSO, which launched its first navigation system in 1987, is one of the few companies in the world that develops global car navigation systems. DENSO contributes to the creation of a safer and more convenient society by utilizing Information and Communication Technology.

DENSO develops various driving assist systems with a focus on the sensing technology that monitors driving situations. Whether developing Lighting Control Systems, Steering Systems, Airbag ECUs or Brake Control Systems, DENSO pursues the prevention of accidents and injuries.

DENSO delivers a wide variety of automotive products and technologies that minimize environmental impact and traffic accidents while also increasing comfort and convenience.

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