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Single Pedal Mechanism for Leg Amputated Person and for the Reduction of Reaction Time


Mr. Kishore R, Dr. John Alexis S, Mr. Hari Prasath T, Mr. Mohnish Arya P
Kumaraguru College of Technology, India

Mr. Arun B


This paper elucidates the development of a single pedal system for people who has undergone leg amputation and to investigate on the reduction of driver’s reaction time in switching from accelerator to brake in both conventional and single pedal system. Due to the fact that employment for physically challenged people can help them lead a better life on their own, this innovation could lead them to work even in car driving field. This innovation also concentrates on the reduction of the average time taken by the driver to brake the vehicle from accelerating during emergency, which is currently about 1.3 seconds [1]. Reducing this reaction time could give an opportunity for the driver to avoid or reduce the consequence of accidents and so a mechanism is designed to reduce the reaction time. A survey on pedal design is done and the single pedal system is designed on the basis of survey. An experimental setup is designed and constructed for both the conventional and single pedal system and the investigation on reaction time for both the systems is done by virtually creating the road traffic environment.

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