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September 2020

FISITA is committed to supporting the next generation of mobility engineers and promoting lifelong learning for all. Through the Your Future in Automotive (YFIA) website, students and aspiring engineers can pick up study options, browse the International University Guide, view events and opportunities with FISITA and our members, get industry tips and advice, learn about the Travel Bursary and FIEC, sign up for the e-newsletter and check out the useful links page.

The automotive industry of the last 100 years is fast transitioning into the mobility industry of tomorrow. This evolution has a direct impact on the needs of the industry, especially in terms of what type of engineer is required to develop mobility solutions for the future.

The challenges facing personal mobility are endless. Automotive engineers work in every area of the industry, such as the look and feel of vehicles, and the safety and security of new forms of transport. While there is, of course, a focus to make cars reach high speeds, the modern day engineer needs to consider future sustainability and wider integration of advancing connected technologies.

Automotive engineers and automotive companies exist all over the world, in completely different cultures and speak totally different languages. The automotive engineer needs to know how to communicate on a global level and have a horizon broader than just their own culture.

A great way to be a part of this international community is to join an automotive engineering society in your county. FISITA exists as the global voice of the automotive engineering profession and aims to bring this community together and encourage the discussion and development of issues facing the international industry.

To get involved and join your national society, take a look at FISITA’s list of Member Societies.

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