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June 2020

What is RoadDB doing to protect its business during the current coronavirus pandemic?

RoadDB was prepared for the pandemic. RoadDB engineers had remotely supported vehicle manufacturer efforts on multiple continents around the clock before the pandemic. During the restrictions on movement imposed because of the pandemic, our engineers could transition to working at home with the addition of some IT equipment. With greater time flexibility and no need for commuting, RoadDB’s productivity has held up. Cooperation and working on a white board has been hard but many of the RoadDB software engineers elected to continue to work from home after restrictions were lifted. If there is another wave, we can handle it.

As the automotive industry adopts new mobility solutions, what do you see as the major opportunities and challenges for your business?

RoadDB is working on road data and localization for highly automated driving for series production vehicles. A major challenge is simply that there is a lot of noise in the publicly available information about highly automated driving.

Geofenced vehicles such as robotaxis and shuttles have different kinds of solutions than series production vehicles. Still, different kinds of solutions are sometimes lumped together so that the difference between requirements for series production vehicles and robotaxis or shuttles is not clearly understood.

The requirements for geofenced vehicles are well known. We need to increase understanding of the engineering consensus for series production vehicles. Organizations such as FISITA and SAE can help with the information they provide to journalists and other non-engineers.

What major benefits has RoadDB innovation brought to the automotive industry?

Although our products have not reached the market yet, they are in test by a number of major vehicle manufacturers. The feedback from engineers at these potential customers over the last five years is that our road data and localization meet the requirements of automated driving and ADAS functions for series production vehicles. Our vehicle-sourced, fully automated approach will provide highly accurate road data and localization at a reasonable cost wherever vehicles equipped with RoadDB technology are driven. This will enable vehicle manufacturers to offer highly automated driving in series production vehicles.

In common with all companies in the automotive space, recruiting top talent is a key priority. Are you finding particular areas in which the supply of qualified candidates cannot meet your demand? Do you expect this to get better or worse over the next few years?

Finding good software engineers with extensive embedded experience was hard last year and is close to impossible in the uncertain conditions that exist now. There is no sign that it will be better in the future. The RoadDB leadership is glad that we already have so many highly qualified people now.

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