Set yourself up for success with Ansys



March 2020

Set yourself up for success.

Exciting engineering jobs await … if you have what employers are looking for.

Simulation experience is now a must-have for working in all areas of product development.

Graduating with ANSYS simulation experience gives you a head start on other job candidates and enhances your attractiveness to industry-leading companies. ANSYS solutions are already helping students to work on the hot topics in the automotive industry such as intelligent lighting, autonomous vehicles, electrification, and more.

There have been more than one million downloads of the ANSYS free student software. Additionally, ANSYS provides student team sponsorships, teaching and research products for universities and the ANSYS Student Community for peer-to-peer support.

Through Cornell University, there is also an open access, free online course to learn to use simulation that has already been taken by more than 142,000 people in 173 countries. Through the Academic Program, ANSYS is helping to ensure that graduates can join the workforce with the computer-aided engineering (CAE) skills they need.

Find out more about the ANSYS Academic Program here: