SAE-Australasia update on Formula Student 2020

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September 2020

The FSAE-A Organising Committee recently made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the Formula SAE-A 2020 event due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty around future public events in Australia.

However, recognising the importance in continuing the fundamental educational and learning aspects which are integral to the competition, the FSAE-A organising committee have consulted extensively with Australian Universities about their team’s ability and willingness to compete in a modified competition.

Although regrettably they concluded the track events were not viable, in their continued efforts to support all 2020 University teams, they are pleased to announce they will be running our Static Event series online.

The online Static Events will enable many university teams and students to compete in 2020, in an affordable and safe environment; and have been developed to support student endeavours and better prepare them for 2021, when we are hopeful of returning to Winton racetrack and again hosting our annual dynamic event.

The Formula SAE-A 2020 Event will run over five days, Monday 14th – Friday 18th December. Included will be the three normal Static Events; Design, Cost and Business Presentation, which will be held online over Monday – Wednesday. The Thursday and Friday have been set aside to run on-site Technical Inspections and on-line Design critique via video conference (more details to be provided later).

Full details about the event are available online in the Resources section here.

For the integrated 2020 On-Line FSAE-A Static Events Competition, it is presumed that some teams will have been proceeding with a new, or significantly changed, vehicle for 2020, whereas others will have not been able to progress a new vehicle, and have been focusing on their 2021 vehicle, bypassing 2020.

As there will not be a Dynamic section to the 2020 Competition, some teams which may have been planning to use a modified prior year vehicle for any Dynamic events, will now likely re-focus on getting a leg-up on the 2021 competition. Proposed designs for new systems and features for a 2021 vehicle will now be tackled with the extended time available. The On-Line Static Events Competition provides the opportunity to get early feedback and assessment on your proposals, well in advance of 2021 as well as enabling some feeling of completion and involvement for students involved in Formula SAE who will be completing their course this year.
In all cases, the On-Line competition will enable teams to present a major changed system embodied in their 2020 or 2021 vehicle. The 2020 On-Line competition represents an opportunity to get a step up on 2021, by getting a
head start with developing designs for 2021 and basing a submission around the planned new vehicle to obtain early critique.

All teams entering will gain the advantage of the experience of interaction with the judges, probably on a more intimate basis than possible at the full competition, and early review of initial designs or planned new concepts.
Even teams not developing major changes for 2021 may still enter and gain the experience and feedback value for team members from the event.