Read the FISITA Annual Report



September 2019

Each year FISITA produces an Annual Report highlighting key activity and a variety of projects, events and initiatives spanning across our global membership platform. 2018 was another successful year for FISITA, with significant progress made in all areas of the organisation.

Today, our network of Member Societies and Corporate Members extend a reach to over 210,000 engineers in 37 countries, placing us at the heart of the industry and enabling members to connect with each other, network, share technological advancements and collaborate in a pre-competitive environment.

FISITA facilitates dialogue between engineers and industry, governments, academia, and environmental and standards organisations, across all areas of automotive and mobility systems technology.

We continue to deliver on the FISITA ‘One Plan’, which has aligned our planning process and allows FISITA colleagues greater ownership and collaboration with their relevant VPs.

As we look to develop our 2019-2020 planning, we are excited to see further growth for FISITA, where our focus will be:

  • Quality
  • International Profile
  • Commercial Maturity

We will report on these important milestones next year, but for now, please enjoy reading about the fantastic activities that have been taking place here at FISITA and around our regions in the last year.