IRP – TrueDrive: Driving E-Mobility Forward



June 2020

IRP specializes in high-performance electric powertrain systems for a variety of e-mobility platforms. Its TrueDrive™ technology utilizes unique control algorithms and powertrain design to reach an unprecedented level of efficiency, deliver high performance, and enable a unique driving experience, while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

As COVID19 has created new challenges for shared mobility, are you seeing a pick-up in demand for your powertrain systems in next generation micro mobility platforms and what types of vehicles are receiving the most attention?

Covid-19, as it requires social distancing, has created challenges for shared mobility and public transportation, but it also created new opportunities. For example, we see a growing demand for our electric powertrain systems in the field of e-scooters and e-motorcycle due to the coronavirus impact. In general, the chance to have a glimpse into a cleaner world for a few weeks, made people realise the alarming effect of fossil fuel-based transportation, encouraging them to shift to more sustainable transportation. Moreover, the enhanced post-coronavirus incentive plans of EU and APAC governments to stimulate the industry are playing a major role in further pushing the industry to focus on affordable mass market electric vehicles.

You claim to offer better performance, and high efficiency at lower costs, how is this achieved?

IRP’s proprietary electric powertrain technology achieves that by:

  1. A unique motor and inverter design – IRP’s motor and inverter design provides outstanding performance envelope with high efficiency
  2. Proprietary control algorithms, enabling efficient, optimized control over the electric motor
  3. End-to-end optimization – our software and hardware components are tightly integrated and optimized to offer the highest overall powertrain system efficiency using a wide range of flexible configuration options and parameters. The entire system was developed in-house by a multi-disciplinary engineering team of mechanics, electronics, and software experts

Are there any major barriers to adoption of your solutions?

Our e-powertrain design fully complies with state-of-the-art automotive mass-production standards, hence allowing a quick adoption of our systems into existing and prospective vehicle platforms.

How ready for deployment in customers' vehicles are your solutions? Typically, how long would it take a customer to convert an existing material or develop a new one around your systems?

IRP’s offering includes a portfolio of off-the-shelf electric powertrain products for personal mobility, including e-scooters, e-motorcycles, and quadricycles (L7E). These products can be easily integrated with the customers’ vehicles. An initial integration takes several hours and enables demonstrating the benefits of our TrueDrive products, specifically improved driving experience and increased range. Full end-to-end integration and optimization may last a few of weeks.

For electric passenger cars (either EV or HEV) we develop custom solutions that optimally fit into the target vehicle’s physical structure, cooling system and transmission. The customization, integration and certification processes depend very much on the customer’s new technology introduction processes and schedule. Our offering for EVs includes a license to the unique e-powertrain system design and the TrueDrive control SW, enabling our customers to lower adoption barriers and maximize operational flexibility.

What types of customer are you most interested in reaching?

We are interested in working with OEMs looking to introduce innovative powertrain technologies as part of their next generation platforms. These include mopeds and e-motorcycles manufacturers as well as the electric vehicle OEMs.

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