Intelligence Safety Conference China: Luc Bourgeois - Safe electronics breakthrough for Cars



September 2020

Intelligence Safety Conference 2020 China

The FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China will take place at China SAE’s SAECCE event in Shanghai on 29 October 2020. Luc Bourgeois, Expert Leader ADAS and AD Systems, Renault, will be speaking at the event about Safe electronics breakthrough for Cars. We asked him a few questions prior to the event:

What are you planning on talking about at the Intelligent Safety Conference and what types of people do you think will benefit most from what you have to say?

I’ll focus on main electronics breakthrough requested by ADAS , AD and car electrification, and the safety demonstration as corner stone of the engineering activities. Engineering, manufacturing, after sales people as well as safety, security, IT, and product liability people should take benefit from these messages.

Safety is at the heart of mobility development and “intelligent safety” has been delivering real solutions into vehicles for many years, how do you see this increase in adoption of intelligent safety continuing as ADAS develops into fully autonomous functionality?

Automotive industry has developed a very large set of ADAS functions based on a basic safety principle: Driver  is always responsible of the driving situation.  Full Autonomous driving seems to be  a long term objective if we consider not limited Operational Domain (ODD). To reach the safety level mandatory for autonomous driving , industry will have to address reduced ODD and to share safety demonstration with infrastructure.

Do you predict a sudden jump in technology, consumer expectations changing, OEM development accelerating, new solutions disrupting the market, or any particular government legislation or standards prompting a big switch any time in the near future?

For aeronautics, railways, nuclear plant…safe and secure automation has always been a “step by step” road map, based on concrete facts. It ‘s the same for automotive industry despite all the announcement effects.

What attracts you personally to this area and are there any particular advances or changes in intelligent safety that you hope to see happening sooner rather than later?

As explained in my resume, automation is a passion for me. I expected in a near future an efficient “electronic horizon “ based on connected Vehicle that will inform the different road users of all the hazard that embedded sensors can’t efficiently recognize.



About Luc Bourgeois

Luc Bourgeois

Passion for embedded systems and automation has led Luc Bourgeois to work 13 years for aircraft industry at different position in Thales company, developing avionics systems such as Flight Management System and Flight Guidance system. Then in  2000 Luc Bourgeois joined the Renault Group as manager of embedded software and Systems control. Since 2010 Luc Bourgeois act as “Expert Leader” for Systems control and ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems.

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