Intelligence Safety Conference China: Liu Jiaxi - E/E Architecture Development Trend and Domain Controller Industrialized Solution



September 2020

Intelligence Safety Conference 2020 China

The FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China will take place at China SAE’s SAECCE event in Shanghai on 29 October 2020. Liu Jiaxi, Senior Manager, United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.. He will be speaking at the event about E/E Architecture Development Trend and Domain Controller Industrialized Solution. We asked him a few questions prior to the event:

What are you planning on talking about at the Intelligent Safety Conference and what types of people do you think will benefit most from what you have to say?
What I would like to talking about :

  • Our understanding and opinion about next generation E/E architecture to address future new features and safety concerns in automotive industry.
  • Our solution and progress of domain / cross domain controller products.

People who will benefit:

  • System and E/E architecture designers in OEMs;
  • Colleagues in supplier of automotive electronics.
  • Colleagues who are interested in development strategy of automotive electronics.

Intelligent safety is being developed globally, but there have always been differences between safety regulations and market expectations around the world – do you see these differences encouraging more rapid development in the major economies in Asia, in the US or Europe? Will the differences push the development of different solutions for different markets or do you see regionally successful solutions leading the world and becoming global standards? How do you think this will change the global mobility industry?
We see definitely differences in deferent regions and markets, e.g. security concerns of personal information in Europe, different map information regulation in each region, different traffic condition in each region and so on. We also see different technical strategies which are promoting by different vendors and organizations, to address same topics of intelligence and safety. For example, some intend to use more V2X communication, and some intend to rely on enhanced ego-intelligence.

I think solutions may be divided as upper level applications and lower level base technologies, for intelligence and safety. For lower level base technologies, we may find global standards, which may form the start of art and benefit all industry. For upper level applications, different solutions may needed for different markets.

These may lead to changes of development strategy to more local to local.

What attracts you personally to this area and are there any particular advances or changes in intelligent safety that you hope to see happening sooner rather than later?
Intelligent safety is central topic for next generation automotive, and lots of innovations will happen in this area. I hope standardized base technologies will immerge sooner, and provide safe and secure base platform for competition in upper level applications.

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About Liu Jiaxi

Liu Jiaxi

Liu Jiaxi graduated from Tsinghua University with master and bachelor degree. Joined UAES in 2010, and was responsible for functional safety, system and function development of new energy vehicle. Currently acts as senior manager of domain controller system and software development, and is responsible for E/E architecture, software platform of domain controller and project management.