How does FISITA support students worldwide?



June 2020

FISITA is committed to supporting the next generation of mobility engineers worldwide and to lifelong learning for all those in the mobilty industry.

Although this year we won't deliver our physical, onsite events which provide fantastic activities and initiatives for students via the Student Opportunities Programme at each event, we have worked hard to find a number of ways that we can still deliver these via virtual and online platforms.

We're looking forward to the EuroBrake and FISITA PLUS Student Opportunities Programmes taking place during July, with students from around the world.

We also keep in touch with students we have supported over the years and wanted to share just some of the inspiring feedback that we have recieved recently:

"EuroBrake has been astounding. The skills, connections and experiences I have gained will be extremely valuable. Being from Australia, it was a large decision to go to EuroBrake, but it was absolutely worth it".

"This conference was not only a medium of increasing my knowledge about the industry, but also having a great experience about cultural changes. It was the best thing I could attend just after completing my Final Exams. This was the perfect first step into my future".

"After attending the conference, I have been in touch with several of the contacts I made during the conference, I feel more encouraged to push myself and approach key members of industry, and I now desire to get out and experience more networking opportunities whenever possible".

"I definitely recommend fellow students to apply for a place in future Student Opportunities Programmes, as this is a good chance to take part in interesting lectures and discussions".

"While I learned about new technical developments, it also improved my people skills. After meeting such a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, I gained a better understanding of what is required to work in the global automotive industry. The career advice from company representatives was extremely useful, as well as the tips from Martin Haigh; I now test some of the character traits we discussed in my job as a Graduate Engineer".