FISITA Vehicle Connectivity Briefing Paper



September 2019

Have you seen the FISITA Vehicle Connectivity Briefing Paper?

In recent years, intelligent and connected vehicle technology has seen significant development as this next phase of technology becomes the strategic focus of the automobile industry as it evolves ever further into the area of smart mobility service provision.

FISITA provides a significant platform for its Corporate Member leaders to engage with peers on an annual basis via its technical leadership event, the World Mobility Summit. A unique and exclusive annual meeting that brings together top technical executives from FISITA Corporate Members with invited experts such as scientists, academics, public policy makers and NGOs, in order to consider issues of critical importance to the future of the automobile and mobility.

This Briefing Paper summarises the exploration and experience of technologists from various countries and regions of America, Europe, Japan and China in terms of vehicle connectivity from three aspects:

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Communication and Standards
  • Applications and Infrastructure


With the maturity of technologies and standards related to vehicle connectivity, a global wave of large-scale deployment will arrive soon. FISITA has supported its community of international industry experts to compile this important Briefing Paper in order to support its community to share knowledge within the pre-competitive environment of FISITA and accelerate the development of vehicle connectivity technology and industrialisation, thus quickening the realisation of automated driving.

As the FISITA community continues to lead the rapid advancement of technology, it welcomed many of the world’s mobility systems leaders and strategists to the FISITA World Mobility Summit 2018, held in Shanghai. This significant and popular event was also an important occasion as it marked the first FISITA Summit to be held in China, a relevant location to consider the Summit theme of ‘Vehicle Connectivity’.

FISITA’s objective is to provide the international platform for thought leadership, knowledge share, discussion and debate, linking organisations with common challenges and opportunities. Frequent FISITA Summit attendees are attracted to FISITA’s neutral and independent perspective, showing respect for all dialogue progresses.

The pre-competitive engagement that is facilitated by the FISITA World Mobility Summit, is of continued importance as co-operation within and between sectors is instrumental in facilitating future strategies for vehicle connectivity – the FISITA World Mobility Summit provides a high-quality, strategic thought leadership session, within a welcoming and professional environment.

The FISITA World Mobility Summit 2019

The FISITA World Mobility Summit 2019 takes place between 5-6 November 2019, eleven guest speakers, hand-picked by FISITA, will deliver their expert perspective on 'Ecosystems of New Mobility' at the Hilton Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan. We look forward to welcoming a prestigious presenter line-up from some of the world's leading mobility companies.