FISITA Special Activities for Students



June 2020

Automotive Engineering Societies have been at the heart of FISITA since the beginning and they are still at the forefront of everything we do. One key advantage is that engineers who are members of their national society get free or discounted access to everything FISITA does and the ability to connect with other engineers around the world through FISITA's activities and community. More about the benefits for individual members of Societies can be found here. There is a multitude of engagement opportunities and benefits for the Societies.

The Society Member Forum is an open discussion platform, held every six months with Society Members of FISITA, for member-to-member information exchange and collaboration.

Ouput from the last Forum in January 2020 was focussed on Special activities for students. This document highlights a number of initiatives, activities and opportunites that our Society Members arrange for their student members and young engineers.