FISITA PLUS: Energy and Propulsion Systems of the Future coming up this week



July 2020

Energy & Propulsion Systems of the Future

Three presenters will be talking about Energy and Propulsion Systems of the Future at the FISITA PLUS virtual sessions this week on Thursday 16 July. If you are interested in new fuels and ways to power mobility, you will want to join this session and bring questions to ask the experts. Choose a session to suit your availability and time zone at either 10:00am or 5:00pm UK at the link below.


Chris Brace, Professor of Automotive Propulsion and Deputy Director of the Powertrain Vehicle Research Centre at the University of Bath, will moderate with presentations by:

  • Nick Powell, Principal Technology Strategy, Ricardo Strategic Consulting will talk about Electric and Low Carbon Intensity Fuel Scenarios for Light Duty Vehicles. Find out more in Nick's Spotlight post.
  • Dr Bernadette Longridge, Engineering Centre Manager at AVL Powertrain UK Ltd will talk about Future Energy Scenarios — Impact on Powertrain Systems.
  • Dr.Wolfgang Warnecke, Chief Scientist of Mobility at Shell will present on Future Energy Options for a Sustainable Mobility. Find out more in Wolfgang's Spotlight post.

Q&A will follow the presentations and each session will take 60-90 minutes. You can find out more about all the FISITA PLUS speakers on the FISITA website.

FISITA PLUS is happening Thursdays throughout July with a range of world-leading mobility-technologists delivering thought leadership in the areas of Mobility Eco-Systems, Future Technologies, and Energy & Future Propulsion Systems.

Since 2017, FISITA PLUS has been a physical event at the prestigious County Hall in London. Due to the current coronavirus crisis, the event this year is being held online with sessions in the morning for attendees in Asia and Europe that are then repeated in the afternoon for people in the US and anyone in Europe who missed the earlier session. Morning sessions begin at 10:00am in the UK (5:00pm China) and the afternoon sessions at 5:00pm in the UK (Noon Detroit/9:00am California).

A replay of the first two sessions and registration for the last two remaining Thursdays with a choice of European morning and afternoon sessions (to suit attendees in different time zones) is available as follows: