FISITA PLUS 2020 - Bryan Salesky Argo AI: Leadership Interview



July 2020

Bryan Salesky, Co-Founder & CEO, Argo AI, will take part in the Leadership Interview hosted by Paul Mascarenas OBE, at FISITA PLUS on Thursday 23 July. We asked him a few questions prior to the event.


1. What are the major projects you and your organisation are currently working on?

As our company has grown, we’ve taken the opportunity to refine our mission, purpose and values - although I’m proud to say that we’ve never strayed from our core positioning. Safety has always been the foundational value at Argo AI. From day one, we’ve prioritized safety in everything we do — from development and testing, to robust safety objectives, and engaging with the communities in which we operate. This commitment to a culture of safety, combined with a clear understanding of the challenges we face, helped define our mission which is to build self-driving technology that people can trust. The reason why we exist, or our purpose, is what drives us each and every day and that’s to make getting around cities safe, easy, and enjoyable for all.

2. How has your work been affected by coronavirus?

Like many other businesses, Argo had to adapt our workflow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the transition to work from home for our employees and the temporary suspension of public road testing with our fleet of self-driving vehicles. But, our team remained incredibly productive and were able to continue making progress on development of the self-driving system through simulation and other software and hardware testing and development methods. In the preparation to the return to the road testing, we implemented several safety enhancements as outlined in our Return to Road plan including the installation of a physical barrier between the two test specialists in each vehicle. I’m happy to say that we have gradually returned test vehicles to the roads based on local guidance in all six cities where we operate. Additionally, once back on the road, we were able to apply some of our self-driving test vehicles, route planning capability, and fleet operations expertise to anamazing local effort to transport COVID-19 test kits to and from low-income health centers around Pittsburgh in partnership with the Allegheny County Health Department and Richard King Mellon Foundation.

3. How long do you expect the impact of coronavirus will last and what long-term effects will it have on the areas of the industry that you focus on?

We see COVID-19 resulting in stronger consumer interest for a “driverless” on-demand mobility experience, as well as a solid business case for goods delivery in cities as well as suburbs - it is not just about convenience anymore but will be an expectation.

4. What are you planning on talking about at FISITA PLUS and what types of people do you think will benefit from what you have to say?

Even though we aren’t physically in the office, or traveling to in-person events or meetings, we’re experiencing more outreach than ever before! It’s an incredible time in the mobility sector, and there’s so much opportunity. So, while I’d much prefer to be in the office with my team, and be able to hit the road to visit our regional offices and other partners, we’re still making great progress and I don’t think we’re missing out on anything. We’re always happy to hear from folks that are interested in working with us. Our contact information can easily be found on our website,

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