FISITA PLUS 2020 - Ben Lawson: Practical applications of MaaS and how it could be used to impact Post Covid mobility"



June 2020

Ben Lawson, Vice President of Strategy and Project Development for the UK & Ireland, Enterprise Holdings, will be speaking at FISITA PLUS on Thursday 2 July about “Practical applications of MaaS and how it could be used to impact Post Covid mobility”. We asked him a few questions prior to the event:

What are the major projects you and your organisation are currently working on?

We are working hard with our towns and cities on the future of transport and the part that Enterprise can play to enable them to hit their initiatives, particularly those focused on air quality and congestion.

How has your work been affected by coronavirus?

We provide a very diverse range of products to all sections of society. Some of those have been impacted more than others. Leisure and tourism have been hit hard as an example. Conversely our support of essential, frontline and public sector services has been extremely busy. We are even building out specialist vehicles to support Covid testing. We also see variances in each of our global marketplaces.

How long do you expect the impact of coronavirus will last and what long-term effects will it have on the areas of the industry that you focus on?

Given our diversity that’s difficult to answer. In fact, it’s difficult to answer for just about anyone. We are optimistic for the future though and believe that our mobility products become even more valuable as people look for more flexible alternatives to car ownership.

What are you planning on talking about at FISITA PLUS and what types of people do you think will benefit from what you have to say?

The future of mobility is a fascinating topic that everyone should have an interest in. I will focus on how mobility as a service will impact people in their day to day travel needs and how policy makers can utilise it to achieve their goals.

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