FISITA launches member consultation for Guide to Professional Conduct



August 2020

Today we take the unusual step of publicising the commencement of a FISITA membership consultation process. This is important at this time due to the nature of the initiative, which is the FISITA Engineers’ Guide to Professional Conduct.

FISITA Engineers' Guide to Professional Conduct

Open letter on equality, diversity and inclusion from FISITA CEO Chris Mason

The Guide will create a consistent reference for the international membership community of FISITA – establishing and enabling a common and consistent approach to ensuring engineers are supported, recognised, and deploying their skills in safe, fair and inclusive work environments.

As we know, the FISITA community is a significant, international network of engineers and technology leaders, who operate within our Corporate Members and Society Members.

This community initiative will benefit from the support and recognition of the FISITA community and external stakeholders as we work collaboratively to create a long-term signal that our industry intends to treat people fairly, operate ethical engineering practice, deliver clear communications, support its engineering talent and investment in their capability.

Please do take time to read the open letter I have written, and the draft FISITA Engineers’ Guide to Professional Conduct and we’ll be pleased to receive your feedback as part of our consultation process.

All the best

Chris Mason